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How to stand out with your business cards and business name

Do your business cards stand out?


Do they get attention and positive comments?

Are they memorable?

Or are they just like all the others?

A friend of mine, Jeannie, is a writer with a combination of creativity and business smarts – and I was very impressed with her business name AND her stand-out business cards.


I first met Jeannie when she was a serious Marcomms boss – and I did some work for her.

I later found her more “creative”  and “bookish” side – from her growing up in her family’s bookstore.


We are both proud “word nerds”.


word nerd CU



Modest Jeannie says the  credit for her card design should be shared with a creative designer friend of hers – who encouraged her (make that “forced” her) to make non-conventional choices.

I like how the card is an unconventional shape – deliberately longer and narrower than normal business cards.


The card will stand out from the rest of the pack – literally.

Also, Jeannie was initially interested in a Tiffany Blue colour.

Her designer friend insisted on distinctive colour – we now call “Serendipity Turquoise”!


I asked Jeannie about the name  – Serendipity Row

Serendipity is one of her favourite words – and you’ll notice the font looks like elegant handwriting.

Jeannie wanted ROW because it reflected ORDER – reflecting her combination of the lyrical writing background AND a sense of business ORDER and organisation.

An ordered, business-minded type creative type rather than a “flakey” creative type.


I also liked the contrast between the longer, lighter sounding word serendipity and the short, to-the-point ROW.

Some people, like me, are “sign nerds” or “graphic design nerds” who LOOOOVE not just the words themselves but how they are visually presented with font  and colour  and shape.

Even in text – you can vary the “voice” of words with the use of italics and CAPS and boldingSerendipity ROW.

Sure, the Serendipity ROW card breaks the rules with its combination of fonts and its unusual size.

But – that’s what helps it  S  T  A  N  D      O  U  T! 

Are YOU a font nerd or a sign nerd?

Please add your thoughts to the comments below – whether you like or dislike cards that stand out rather than blend in.

Sure, in some businesses  (law, engineering, finance) it’s about fitting in and being standard. Compliance. Uniformity.

In creative-type industries (media, advertising, marketing) being distinctive can help you stand out!

Yoga sign2

I’m often taking photos in the street of signs that get my attention – like this one I’ll write about in a future post.

I love the use of the full stop (the period) – to reflect space and calming pause and getting centred!

What do YOU think?

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