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Singapore, Food, and Business – and a recipe for success to improve your social media

TB rafflesSingaporeIf you are ever working in Singapore, here are two bits of valuable advice a senior exec once gave me.

1. Don’t work through lunch – don’t keep Singaporeans from their lunch (or any meal)

2. Always accept an invitation to join people to enjoy a meal

(This may sound cliche – but I’ve found the advice to be valuable in my work as a communication consultant and trainer)

I’m based in Australia – yet I loooooove when I get to work in Singapore.

Notetaking Raffles bakery

Yes, I love my food – and Singaporeans are very proud of their culture of great food!

This morning I posted about the power of food to hook attention for your social media messages.

The first person to respond – was from Singapore. Possibly the time zone. I also think it was the PASSION for food.


Here’s a link to today’s post about social media and food.


cocktail onions

Also, here’s a link to an earlier post about Singaporeans and their love of food and how the “Western ethic of working through lunch” can backfire in Singapore.



singapore airport copy

Can’t wait to get back to Singapore and my favourite eating places. I have several trips planned this year!

If you are from Singapore or have worked in Singapore, please add any other tips you may have in the comments section below.

Singapore is a real melting pot of different cultures and “business cultures”.


I train international communication and cross-cultural communication (presenting AND writing) – and I am always learning from my Singaporean “students” – especially when we have lunch together!


Iced Kachang


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