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How to “hook social media attention” with food – mmm Egg Salad! and Cocktail onions!

Want to get more people to read your social media messages?

You may think you are smart with a great brain  – and maybe that’s true.

Remember: You are ALSO a body as well as a brain – and your body  craves and is attracted by  different things – including FOOD (and drink) – images of food, colours and shapes that remind you of food,  memories of smells and tastes! I can “taste” the food below just by looking at the photo!

cocktail onions

Your body has senses – sight, smell, taste, hearing,  touch etc – and clever social media messages can win attention by appealing to those senses.

This post was inspired by a tweet I read this morning from US  Publisher/Influencer and Social Media expert Chris Brogan.

Chris doesn’t like being pidgeon-holed “that Social Media Guybut he is very knowledgeable and respected in this area.

I regularly “study” his work – and here’s that tweet that hooked my attention this morning.

Chris Brogan ‏@chrisbrogan  

Can egg salad help you build a better business? I think so. On Owner magazine- 

What got my attention was egg salad –  memories of the taste and sight – plus the curiosity of how does it relate to a better business?

In my head – the voice of  drooling Homer Simpson – MMMMMMMM Egg Salad!

Although Homer would have been more into doughnuts!

(Note to self: write a post connecting to doughnuts!)

After Chris’s tweet about Egg Salad got my attention, I clicked on the link to the “article” in Chris’s Owner magazine and saw this:

CD owner magazine

Photos of food work well in highly visual  social media “channels” – such a Facebook.

Now that twitter has images as well – engaging images can slow down a reader long enough to get them to notice your message – and hopefully read it.

Food Images and comparisons work well in blog posts too – even more serious “Business-ey” posts – if you can find a valid connection between your content and the food – as Chris does in his Egg Salad “article”!

YOU can improve the chances YOU get attention with FOOD or DRINK by following a winning recipe of:

1. food (or drink)

2. some business benefit

3. curiosity – what’s the connection

Funny, in Chris’s earlier work (podcasts and posts)  he was always talking about recipes for success!

CB recipies

He also used engaging images and colours that hooked my attention because I loved coffee and coffee colours.

The image was near any action button he wanted to draw our attention to. Sometimes the image WAS the action button!


Of course, Chris moves on to other things – and now he often writes about more healthy good and beverage choices!

When I look back at posts of mine that seem to get the most attention – they have often involved food.

Maybe I just write a lot about food  – like those retro red and green cocktail onions.


cocktail onions

and prawn cocktails


prawn cocktail in glass

Mmmm – I’ve just noted the prevalence of the word cocktail.

So, I encourage you – if you want to improve your writing for social media – and improve the chances people actually read your creations:

1. try that recipe above

2. study Chris Brogan’s writing style and check out his owner magazine – links in his tweet above

3. eat more Egg Salad!

Seriously, appeal to our what our bodies crave.

One of those “safe to write about” things we crave – is FOOD.

Connect your subject to a food comparison in your social media messages. Use food images!

Chances are your audience will eat it up!

Please add your views (like or loathe) to the comments section below.


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