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Scrub Me Do! Working through every #Beatles album in order

Do you every have one of those rare moments where you get a chance to do something you wanted to do for a long time?

early albums

A musical mate of mine and I spoke about working through every Beatles albumin order!

Happy Men gig

Today, I have a house to myself and a friend’s collection of every Beatles album.

Today’s THE DAY!

Beatles collection

Beatles For Sale is playing in the background right now.

I’m cleaning a friend’s place we have been house-sitting in.

scrub me do

She’s coming back tonight/this evening  – so I’m on a mission to achieve this long-held goal.

A young drummer I used to play with was soooo good at Ringo-style drumming.  He said his dad would put on Beatles albums when the family had a cleaning session.

So, that’s  also what helped inspired today’s mission – Cleaning with the Beatles – or as I call it Scrub Me Do. 


So many memories flooding back – with these songs – many I haven’t heard since I was a kid.

Have you had similar meaningful moments – certain music-listening goals? Please share in the comments section below. Doesn’t have to do with the Beatles.

This listening to music  may be something for people who grew up in the” listen to a whole album” era and for “crazies” like me who want to experience every album – in order!

ANYWAY – better get back to All My Scrubbing.

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