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The anatomy of a great post – and how you can “borrow” from it to make your posts more engaging

You spend time bothering to write posts for your blog (Business or personal)

You’ve got lots of expertise – but it seems your posts are getting ignored.

This Social Media writing is so different from the professional style of writing you were taught at college?


Well, here’s an example of  a great post – by Barry Feldman – someone I didn’t really “know” until this morning.

Someone I will follow from now on!


Because I like his writing style – easy-to read – and full of valuable tips.

And a good example to borrow from!

I’ve analysed the writing techniques YOU can “borrow”  to make your posts more engaging – and to improve the chances they get read and SHARED.

1. Take time to craft a good heading or title

BF CB post

For me the title can be taken as a bit provocative – and makes me want to read it.

Then, once you start reading – you see why we should care what Chris Brogan drinks.

A title that  is or seems provocative can hook attention.

It’s interesting, lots of Chris’s supporters say they wanted to jump in and “defend” Chris – some ended up connecting with Barry once they saw the true tone of the post.

Plus, instead of just writing a statement – a question title “teases”. We have to read more to find the answer to the question.

Of course, for anyone interested in Social Media – Chris Brogan is a big name. His name attracts interest!

There are all sorts of different heading you can write. Just try to give the reader a reason to read your post.

There are many “motivators” – to satisfy curiosity, being provoked to defend, or  some promised benefit – e.g. to learn how to make your posts more engaging.

2. Show who is writing – reveal a bit about yourself – give readers a chance to find things they have in common with you.

about BF

I could see (and read) what I had in common with Barry.


(Yeah – this is me in the photo above – not Barry. He’s in the US. I’m in Australia – yet I see we have things in common – I work like to learn about writing and  persuasion and engagement too – so I’ll be following Barry)

I know it can sound superficial – but we tend to like people who are like us – or at least have some things in common.

3. Write in a conversational style

At the end of this post you can check out Barry’s post in full.

Note the way he will often throw in questions or interjections – as we do in real-life conversations.

BF post2

Am I right – or what?

Forget the “proper and professional” style you were taught. Dare to break the rules!

When it comes to writing for social media:

– write in fragments

– use lots of punctuation to add expression and “voice” to your writing. Seriously!!!

– the exclamation make is OK!!! Even multiple ones!

(and words in parentheses sound like a confidential whisper)

4. Close the circle

This is one of my favourite techniques – that can create a feeling of satisfaction and completeness for a reader.

You come back to where you started from.

BF post 3 close the circle

See what he did there?

5. Use “pleasing” images

As Barry writes in the post –  he asked Chris about why he asks readers what they are drinking and takes time to tell people what HE (Brogan) is drinking.

Chris said the coffee and tea subject has proven to be the number one thing people write back to him about. 

Also, images of coffee and tea can be warm and pleasing.

I have no evidence – but I suspect these sorts of images can also trigger a Pavlovian response. At least they do with me!

I want to sip and savour the post as I sip and savour a cup of tea or coffee.

It’s interesting – one of the things that first attracted me to Chris’s post was his use of warm coffee cup images -to draw the attention to any ACTION buttons.


So, I’m confident that you will be able to make your posts more engaging by borrowing from Barry’s style.


1. Take time to craft an engaging heading or title

2. Reveal a bit about who you are – let the readers find points in common

3. Write in a conversational style – fragments, expressive punctuation!!!

4. Close the circle –  for a  satisfying sense of completeness

5. Use pleasing images

Here’s a link to Barry’s full post.

In the post are links to Chris’s blog.

Chris always seems to have fresh projects “on the boil” – along with different brews! I wonder what he’ll be drinking tomorrow??


If you’d like some more tips to improve your writing: Here are some more quick tips.

They are helpful lessons I learned from others. It’ll be worth your time! :)

1.Release The Verb

2.How nouns can save your butt!

3.Use visual language

4.Parallel Structure

TB headline technique

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