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An effective and fun way to get attention for your blog posts and tweets


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Do you wish more people would stop and read your blogs or tweets?

These days – there is so much content out there – too much! What’s scarce is people’s time and attention.

You are probably like me and have far too many e-mails to read.

You have too many blog posts you want to read. Good, helpful posts – you just don’t have the time!

You have to decide in an instant whether to invest your time to read a message.

Take note what attracts YOUR attention!

When a message attracts my attention – I try to take a moment to understand WHY?

What triggered my decision to bother to read a message?

TB NASA story

When I help businesses improve their writing for Social Media – I encourage people to do the same and take a moment to work out what catches their attention.

Write down the key words or images or angles that hook YOUR attention.


Chances are the same things will catch the attention of like-minded people – often the audience you are wanting to attract.

For example, this morning (the day I write this) I’m skimming through my bloated in-box of e-mails and this e-mail from CSIRO attracts my attention.

In my opinion, the  media and social media writers at CSIRO do a fantastic job of broadening the appeal of science.

WE can ALL learn a lot from them.

Whoever leads  the team (if there is ONE leader) – seems to give the writers permission to play and have some fun.

Sometimes it’s a photo on a facebook post or a tweet that hooks my attention.

CSIRO facebook

Sometimes it’s the power of words!

Anyway, here are the words that caught my attention this morning


When I analyse what words hooked my attention – they are:

1. New – I’m the sort of person who wants to know the latest – so words like new and  latest and just released get my attention

2. The main thing that got my attention was the pun on heights  – fahrenheits.

I love a good pun and word play – even corny and bad puns! 

Why puns CAN work in helping a message stand out and hook attention!

The playful pun the CSIRO heading:

1. forces me to slow down for a nanosecond – as I “process the pun”. When I analyse WHY puns attract my  attention –  my eye notice the word that is out of place and the pun challenges me to “work it out”. It only takes an instant – but that is enough to catch my attention!

2. promises (to me) a fun read.

Be warned not everyone likes puns – but those who do find them hard to resist.

Now, YOU may  find that different things that attract your attention.

Your audience may attracted to different words to the ones that attract my attention.


1. take the time to notice and study what gets YOUR attention.

2. Use those “trigger” words to attract like-minded people.



The very word Science often attracts my interest.


There are so many different opinions on what works in Social Media – I prefer content that has some “science” to it – something to back up the opinions. I want some proof. I want a strategy.

For example I love Dan Zarrella‘s work. Note the triple-whammy of this: science + strategy + proven!

Dan Zarrella Science of Marketing

Dan Z

I even like how his social media icons look “sciencey.

In creating the title for this post – I took my own advice!

I love things to be effective – AND I like  it even better if they are fun too.

Hence – Effective + Fun + some benefit/pay-off for investing the time in reading the post.

Some problem or pain + a promised solution/help

An effective and fun way (promised solution or help) to get attention for your blog posts and tweets (pain/problem)

CSIRO photo sun

The CSIRO writers have inspired many posts.

If you are interested, here are other posts that you may find helpful.

1.The Science of engaging social media – 4-step formula for success

2.Make your blog subject more appealing – like a prawn cocktail

3.The power of Pun – Pretty Fly for a wi-fi!

Chances are –  borrowing from their engaging style will take your social media writing to new fahrenheits!


If you’d like some more tips to improve your writing: Here are some more quick tips.

They are helpful lessons I learned from others. It’ll be worth your time! 🙂

1.Release The Verb

2.How nouns can save your butt!

3.Use visual language

4.Parallel Structure

TB headline technique

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