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What can you learn from Chris Brogan’s #twitter style? This –


If you want to improve your tweetin’ – you can learn lots from studying the style of Chris Brogan.

Of course, Chris writes lots of tweets in many different styles.

One effective pattern I noticed this morning (Australian time) was this:

1.  an engaging question

2. The word This right next to the link – directing/guiding the reader to take action and click on the attached link

Check out these two examples:

Chris Brogan ‏‪@chrisbrogan 1m 
Want to know what I do with my depression? This – ‪ 

Chris Brogan ‏‪@chrisbrogan 43m 
What did smashing my Motorola MotoX teach me about the future of smart phones? This: ‪ 


As you can see on his twitter profile: Chris has tweeted more than 135 thousand times. He has more than 267 thousand followers.

He has such an engaging and conversational style – and he is not afraid to show his vulnerability with his challenges such as weight control and depression. He is also very “helpful” and “available”!

If YOU are interested in improving YOUR social media – I suggest you follow and “study” Chris’s style too!

Here’s a link to his site:

Most people interested in Social Media would have heard of him.

If you are a newbie as I was and don’t know who he is – here’s a link:

HumanBW podcasts

I love listening to his podcasts too – about all sorts of things! Some things I was not interested in – like healthy cooking – until  I had a listen!

podcasts on a plane

Thanks Chris!

As you can see Chris has inspired many posts:

If you’re interested here are some links to other posts about his style: He has many different projects and seems to change a bit. A “restless creative” type – in my opinion.

Lots you can learn from his “everyday” style and his use of delicious colour!

1.Chris Brogan’s “real world” post style

2.How Chris Brogan uses “delicious” colour

3. How to eliminate excuses and get things done – Chris Brogan style!

TB Social Media KLT

I’m taking Chris’s advice and getting 2014 off to a strong start with my blogging too.

If you’d like to improve your writing: Here are some more quick tips.

1.Release The Verb

2.How nouns can save your butt!

3.Use visual language

4.Parallel Structure

TB headline technique

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