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Start! Have a less lazy start to the New Year – unlike the rest of Australia.

Be honest. When do YOU really get back into work mode in Australia?

Jam mod sign

When does your work year really Start!??


Yes, I’m a big fan of The Jam. This song (Start!)  is playing in my head right now as I write this!

I’m also a corporate communication consultant and trainer and word nerd!

word nerd CU

For me, my work year usually has its START!  in February – not January.

Due to our history that Australia Day falls on Jan 26 – the whole first month of the year is a “lazy” month for me –  and for many other Australians.

I’m still on Christmas Vacation with my wife and family. The kids are on school holidays. It’s summer – time to move slowly.

Even when people “go back to the office” – often around the 2nd of 3rd week of January – there is the Australia Day holiday to look forward to. Then it won’t be long until the end of January and the start of February.

So most serious work can wait until February.

Maybe things have changed in corporate Australia!

Please let me know in the comments section below if YOUR business gets back into serious work mode earlier than February.

Giving 2015 a more pro-active Start!

This year, I decided to START my work year in January – not February.

I just decided to start 2014 with greater purpose and effort and planning.

Our Christmas beach vacation was  very recharging and now (still earlyJanuary)  I’m ready to “get stuck into the year”.

I’m busy planning and designing new courses and learning new skills – so I can really “hit the ground running” when February rolls around.

What can YOU do to USE this time to prepare for a good 2014 for YOU?

January is an excellent time  for me to catch up on old-fashioned reading.

Yes, reading real “paper” books – longer  and slower reading, deeper  sessions.

Not quick, superficial skim reads on-line.

Here are some of the books I have ready to read.


Some for fun – like the Modfather – about Paul Weller.

business books

Some books for business advancement!

All books fun and “business” with scheduled reading times – when my kids are asleep.  My kids play hard – and sleep harder this time of year and I don’t have to get them up early to go to school!

Yes, I’m a read planning and reading nerd – and time maximiser!

Also, some similarly-minded  proactive business bosses have arranged for some training sessions for their people in later January – before Australia Day – before their people get too busy with normal work and never get a chance to improve their skills.

TB Social Media KLT

Most organisations, put training off until February or March – but some pro-active organisations like to get the year off to a more active start.

If you haven’t done so this year – it’s probably too late.

Maybe you can make a note to get 2015 off to a more pro-active START!


If you are not familiar with The Jam – here is a link to The Jam performing their song Start!

And yes, the bass line sounds similar to The Beatles song Taxman.

I love Paul Weller’s lyrics – especially his description appealing to many different senses in That’s Entertainment.

I’m getting 2014 off to s strong start with my blogging too and I’ll share in a future post what YOU can learn from Paul Weller’s powerful descriptive writing

If you’d like to improve your writing: Here are some quick tips.

1.Release The Verb

2.How nouns can save your butt!

3.Use visual language

4.Parallel Structure

TB headline technique

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