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How will you spend your last day of 2013? A tough year for many! My encouragement for you.

This time of year – so many people are consumed with thoughts of New Year’s Eve celebrations.

I encourage you to take some time to  enjoy and reflect on the day before the eve – that last day of 2013.

C hugs

For many people (including me) 2013 has been a tough year – especially for business.

It’s been tough for many of my clients – which has made it tough for me. Lots of plans and work delayed.

On the personal (non-business) side – it’s been a great year – and that’s what I’m focussing  on today – the positives.

I’m on a Summer beach vacation with my family – so I got up extra early this morning for some quiet reflection time – before the rest of the family stirs and I take them down to the beach.

Maybe it’s all the Jimmy Buffett music I’ve been listening to and his book I’ve been re-reading – but today I definitely have a Change of Attitude to one of gratitude – making a big list in my mind of  all the good things 2013 has brought.

Just to try and  recall the whole year!

Unlike Jimmy in the song, I DID ponder this question for a long time!

JB book T and C

Lots of people make plans and resolutions for the New Year.

I encourage you to put some more foundation and determination and specific-ness (if there is such a word) underneath your plans.

In your resolutions – try to express them in the positive.

What you DO want – rather than what you DON’T want!

By reflecting on all the good things of 2013 – I know what I want MORE of the GOOD THINGS with my family.

I live a much quieter life these days now I am a dad – but I know what I want more of.


More milkshakes with my kids.

More family road trips and simple,  family beach holidays to help my wife relax from her job.

More mornings searching for sea glass with my son. To my son, finding sea glass is like finding precious jewels.

More writing time. I find writing helps me focus my thoughts.


Before I wrote this post I was happy to see the end of 2013. I was focussing on all the disappointments of the year.

Now, thanks to writing this post – and coming in from a different angle, I will make sure I enjoy the last day of 2013 and look forward to a bright 2014.

Happy New Year to you!!

I’ll probably toast it with an ice cream with the wife and  kids – rather than champagne – but hey, that’ll be sweet!

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