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Why vacation time is great to “work” improving your blogging and writing.

Chances are you are on vacation this time of year – are chances are you just want a break from your usual routine.

You don’t feel like doing anything that looks like WORK.

Yet I encourage you to DO some WORK – for your blogging or writing for the New Year.

TB NNP adventure

I’m enjoying a beach vacation with my family. I’m relaxing AND I’m busy collecting – collecting ideas for future blogs.

Collecting – like a kid collecting shells at the beach. It’s more fun than work!

I encourage you to also collect ideas during your vacation.

JB book

Here’s a tip from one of my writing heroes – Jimmy Buffett. For those who are unfamiliar with him, Jimmy is famous for writing “Margaritaville” and best-selling books.

He’s more famous as a musician – however I like him most for his writing and his “life philosophy”.

Jimmy was often too busy having a good time to be bothered writing about it – at that moment!

He was however very disciplined at recording memory prompts so he could come back and re-visit and write about his experiences.

Jimmy’s songs are full of great descriptions and characters – often inspired by a headline he saw in a newspaper or a strong coffee he enjoyed at Cafe du Monde or some story he heard in some bar.

Despite his beach bum persona – Jimmy has a Hemingway-like discipline when it comes to writing and capturing moments.

Good writers collect the great lines or stories others casually throw away.

So I encourage you to: aware of the different experiences your vacation offers you – different sights, sounds, smells, activities.

2. take a few seconds to make  a memory prompt – a quickly scribbled line in a notebook you keep handy or take a photo.

These days, with cameras on smart phones, it’s so easy to take a quick photo

3. look for comparisons that can link to a blog you will write.

For example:

1. I’m cleaning the pool and I manage to get my son to help me by making it an interesting activity for him.

He’s not cleaning the bottom on the pool of leaves – he’ s Aquaman! I’ll relate this to business motivation and engagement.

TB pool clean

2. I take the family to a rainforest walk and notice how the kids are so engaged by the “educational displays”

I take photos for a future blog about designing engaging training or webinars.

dinosaur MCP

touch fossils

3. My wife and I have a “friendly argument” about the correct name for a particular kitchen utensil.


She says it’s called a spatula.

I argue the case for  MY definition of spatula.  From my memories of chemistry classes – a spatula is  not a kitchen implement but a small yet noble science implement for mixing chemicals (in solid form). A Spatula is thinner and smaller for adding crystals or powder into test tubes – not for turning pancakes!

It turns out we are BOTH right. An everyday example for a communication post.

Great colourful photo opp!

mango pancakes 2

and – a catchy title leaps out – The spatula spat!

I recorded memory prompts and when I make time – I will write these blogs.

Anyway, better go – the family is stirring.

Another exciting day ahead of mango pancakes and beach walks and collecting more ideas!


Also a vacation time is a great time to  snatch a few moments to improve your writing.

I love to turn off the TV and in quiet moments – listen to podcasts or writing or read book about writing or re-read my favourite Jimmy Buffett book.

If you’d like to improve your writing: Here are some quick tips.

1.Release The Verb

2.How nouns can save your butt!

3.Use visual language

4.Parallel Structure

TB headline technique

Also, if you’d like to learn more about  how Jimmy Buffett can help you with your writing, digital detox etc. – here are some posts.



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