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Vacation time + surf shirts + #SocialMedia: Why today can be a great time to connect on social media

What are YOU doing checking your social media messages now?

You should be on vacation and relaxing!

Chances are you are both relaxing  AND checking your social media messages!

T & C Noosa

I am on a beach vacation with the family (and loving it!)

Yet at certain times of day I am also very active on social media.

Smooth Perclator

I admit I am fuelled by great coffee and great tunes.

Fun B-52s on high rotation in this beach shack – and played LOUD.

Kids loving groovin’ to Rock Lobster and of course Love Shack!

So good to have TIME!

I notice lots of my social media friends and followers and contacts are also very active this time of year.

Bear T

I suspect many of my professional colleagues  in Australia are “Staying Casual” in their favourite, old beach clothes (as I am) – yet they are still active on social media and sending and receiving messages!

Here’s my reasoning why NOW is actually a good time to connect with busy people you may not have been able to “reach” the rest of the year.

1. People have been conditioned to check their social media. Sure I may check it less while I am on vacation – but I have MORE time to check Facebook and twitter and even Linked In.

2. For people on vacation in The Souther Hemisphere (where it’s summer) – there are times of the day where you escape the heat in the middle of the day. You come back from a morning session at the beach and just laze around (and many people catch up on social media.

3. Because it’s vacation time for many people – people are taking photos and posting them on Facebook – and checking to see reaction. I’m seeing lots of this sort of activity from my friends and followers – so they are “On-line” and contactable.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day –  many people will be too busy for social media – but the I predict that following day people will be very busy posting about their Christmas experiences, showing photos of food etc. – kids with new presents.

On second thoughts, I predict a deluge of posts and tweets the afternoon of Christmas Day – of at least after the presents are exchanged. Many people won’t be able to wait to post and share – and then they will regularly check for reaction!

4. For couples with younger kids – parents often tag-team.

I know parents should spend more time together and many families spend time all together  – the reality is that many couples “tag-team” on vacations so they get some “me” time.

One partner goes out for a run or swim or a surf  – while the other looks after the kids. Right now My wife is out enjoying some well-deserved time to herself – while I am here “looking after the kids” but also having time to browse around on Social Media.

That’s what inspired this post.

These days social media is often a conditioned response of doing “something interesting” to do while you are waiting to do something else.

That’s why I am using this time to connect with people AND to read some of the great posts from people I follow on social media.

What’s your experience?

Does any of the above “ring true” with YOU?

Anything you’d like to add?

Please add your comments below.

This is a rare time of year I’ll have time to read your comments  and respond!

Also here’s a link to another post about why this is a good time of year to connect with relevant messages about thinks that are on people’s minds this time of year!

Why Christmas time can be a “target-rich environment” for your messages

Anyway, time for some more coffee and maybe a family dance to Rock Lobster! Then later we’ll hit the beach!

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