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Why horrible horrifying secrets attract on #SocialMedia

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Pssst – want to know a secret? A horrifying secret?

There is so much “content” on social media – that you have to work so much harder to get people to want to read or watch what you have to say or show.

Every day we get hundreds, maybe thousands, of tweets and Facebook messages and blog posts. We only have time to experience a small fraction of what’s presented to us.

We decide whether to “sample” – in a fraction of a second. Do we “sample” or move on to the….NEXT! offering?

When something catches my attention, I analyse WHY –

why it hooked my interest

why it stood out from all the others and

why it compelled me to read it or watch it!

Today, I “found” a site and I just kept on reading/watching one post/video after another.

It was the power of the words used in the headings that initially hooked me and compelled me to want to find out more!

I know people are different and have different motivations that drive what social media/other content they consume.

Here’s my analysis of why these messages hooked my attention.

WARNING!: the videos these headings link to may offend some viewers/readers. I found them amusing – but hey, be warned YOU may find it offensive.

You can borrow some of these attention-grabbing techniques – without watching the videos they link to.

TB Social Media KLT

1. The subject was about things that interested me – Christmas Movies (topical and top of mind!), Back to the Future (timeless!), Harry Potter.

6 Beloved Christmas Movies With Horrible Secret Meanings

Why ‘Back to the Future’ Is Secretly Horrifying

Why The Harry Potter Universe Is Secretly Terrifying

Write about Subjects that interest people. Duh! Yeah – but there’s more!

2. the word “secrets” promised that I’d learn new and unknown things about these things that interested me!

3. The word WHY – compels you to read more. It’s not just a statement – it’s a tease to make you want to find out more. Notice how news promos or “teasers” use words like WHY to make you want to find out more. They don’t give it all away in a “statement”!

4. the words horrible and horrifying attracted my attention. Wow – these we’re just normal secrets – this promised “horrible” secrets about things that interested me!

It’s human nature to be sometimes attracted to the FAILS, the horrible and horrifying things.

In my work advising organisations how to hook attention with media releases etc. I always advise writers to include HOT words that attract the media such as ALARMING or SURPRISING or WARNING. Of course, writers need to find something that is ALARMING or SURPRISING!

I haven’t used Horrifying or Horrible – yet!

Anyway, here are headings that attracted my attention – this time with  the links (if you are interested): Be warned you may just keep on clicking through and watching “one more, one more”.   I know I did! 🙂

6 Beloved Christmas Movies With Horrible Secret Meanings

Read more:

Why ‘Back to the Future’ Is Secretly Horrifying

Read more:

Why The Harry Potter Universe Is Secretly Terrifying

Read more:

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