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How you can offer something “different” – Market marketing lessons

Are you offering the same as everyone else – or do you offer something different?

Do you boldly display the difference in a way people can notice it from afar?

The difference can be in “little” things.

SA fanta1

Taking the effort to offer something different can improve your business, sales and marketing.

In this “Market marketing series”  I’m sharing lessons I learned from real-life marketsbusiness at its most basic.

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I usually work as a corporate trainer and social media writing consultant. Inspired by the work of Persuasion and Influence expert, Robert Cialdini, I took a job as a market entertainer so I could study market business lessons “up close”.

One market stall I was particularly impressed with had a point of difference – and marketed this point of difference in a very colourful way!

SA flags

SA fanta1

The food stall was run by “Aussies”. They were used to selling “market standards” like the good old bacon and egg rolls – but they realised they needed to differentiate their offering. Sure, they still offered mainly the same stuff – but they found a colourful point of difference – and proudly proclaimed it.

Their daughter had spent time living in South Africa and had introduced them to South African treats – similar to Aussie tastes but “different”.

The stall owners said they’d “fallen in love” with lots of the South African treats – so they themed their offering in the more distinctive South African style.

They still served bacon and egg rolls but what seemed to attract  most customers to their stand was the promise of something more “exotic”.

It didn’t matter to me that they were not “REAL” South Africans – their passion for  and knowledge of their treats – seemed genuine!

During my music breaks, I chatted with the stall operators and they explained various South African treats and things that were “similar but different” – like the love of a good BBQ and Boerewors rolls!

borewors cooked

So what can YOU do to stand out and offer something different.

Like these stallholders you can:

1. realise that it’s better to find and promote a point of difference rather than offering what everyone else does

2. show a genuine passion for an knowledge of what you offer

3. visually show your offering with engaging colour – just think of the colourful flag and Fanta cans – the importance of visuals and colours to stand out and hook attention.

4. remember it’s often the “little differences” that can make a big difference to the success of your offering

Little differences

SA fanta1

The stallholders went to effort of displaying and selling certain flavours of Fanta – that were not introduced in Australia.

If you had a choice between a standard/common Fanta and a flavour that was  new and different – what would you buy?

The owners also proudly showed me one of their most popular offerings they said brought shrieks of delight from South Africans living in Australia – Marshmallow Mice.

SA marshmallow mice

I took this photo and later showed it to one of my good South African friends and she got so excited – telling me how it brought back so many memories of getting treats from her mum.

Next time, I go back to those markets, I’ll buy some of those Marshmallow Mice for my friend.

They’ll be easy to find.

I’ll just look for that colourful stall with the South African flags and the bright South African Fanta cans  and the smell of the boerewors!

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