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Marketing tips from REAL Markets – the power of colour and persuasive words

J iced tea 1

Whenever something attracts your attention and makes you want to part with hard-earned cash to BUY it – you should study WHY!

I do this all the time – and it helps me when I want to SELL to others. The habit can help YOU too.

Usually, I work in fancy corporate offices as a highly paid corporate communication and social media consultant.

TB Social Media KLT


Recently, I took on a job as a musician/entertainer at some new markets – so I could “study” business, sales and marketing at a very basic and “real” level.

Musicians don’t get paid a lot – but let’s just say the experience was so worth it – both with the colourful people I met and the marketing lessons I learned from them!

Robert-Cialdini Influence

I was inspired by Robert Cialdini who wrote a great book on INFLUENCE after he often went to and sometimes worked for REAL businesses to learn their persuasion and influence techniques. It’s a very useful book!

Real-world tips are better than just theory!

I could see so many connections between real life markets and social media.

For example – at markets you have so much to choose from – so many stalls offering all sorts of things.

How do you stand out?

How do you attract people and stop them long enough to see what you have to offer?

How do you encourage people to then buy from YOU?

J iced tea 1

During a break from performing, I bought this colourful beverage – and now I’ve tried to back-track and “study” what encouraged my buying decision to choose this above all the other choices at all the other market stalls!

I’ll share the process with you and then share how YOU can use these techniques to help your marketing.

colourful cups

1. First of all, a colourful display of bright cups hooked my attention and slowed me down to see what else was on display.

2. Then this colourful sign attracted my attention.

J iced tea

There were so many other things on display – but the colour attracted my eye to the cups and then down to the sign.

I was actually feeling like a coffee – but the words ICED and JAMAICAN made me think:

I haven’t tried a Jamaican Iced tea before. I wonder what it’s like. I can have a coffee any time.

As I sipped and sampled my colourful iced tea, I chatted with the stall operator about how different products sell through out the day. 

He promoted different products at different times – based on how people were  FEELING and what they were in the MOOD for at different times.

He shared that:

1. hot coffee sells well in the morning – as you’d expect! (with stall holders AND customers)

2. then as the day warms up – the Iced Tea becomes popular

3. then as people start to wilt – the coffee is popular again as a pick-me-up

He said his girlfriend deliberately created the colourful sign and the name ICED JAMAICAN FLOWER TEA!

I explained how the word Jamaican made me want to try it!

Here’s how you can apply this technique in your marketing.

1. First of all, Use colour to attract attention – colourful images. Colour next to any text you want people to read.

2. Think of your audience and what WORDS can attract them.

Now people are all very different – but with “Market People” – I find they prefer unusual experiences to common things you can buy in any old supermarket.

Many market people enjoy travel – so names of places can attract attention and build desire.

There are actual studies on how including an exotic place name in a dish description on a menu can make an item sell better!

Also, many “market people” like healthy and organic produce – so adding the words HEALTHY and ORGANIC can increase desirability too.


An extra technique you can try is to try the old engaging question + solution technique.

retro van

Persuasive Wording is my speciality – when I am not hanging around colourful markets drinking Jamaican Iced tea!

You could “say” the following on a sign – or in a spoken exchange with potential customers. I’d recommend using both signs and spoken exchanges.

For example:

Need a pick-me-up? Try our special Coffee Kick.


Feeling Hot? Try our refreshing Iced Jamaican tea.


Hot and Tired? This X cools you down AND picks you up!

In spoken exchanges you can be “looser” – for example.

Hot isn’t it? Something to cool you down?

Big day planned? – what about a little coffee kick start?

I really respect market stall operators. They really need to be “ON” with a patient stamina. I also watched how they supported and looked after each other – but that’s another post.

TB talking to class

So I recommend you study what encourages your BUYING decisions. Study what hooks your attention. I bet in most cases it’s a visual hook (an image), then you read the words.

On Social Media – posts with Images attract more attention. Facebook can be  a wonderfully VISUAL platform. Now Twitter is using more eye-catching images too (if you load directly onto twitter).

Also, colourful and unusual  images can hook attention and encourage people to read you blog posts.

People have different motivations – however being aware of what influences YOU can help you market to others.

I also recommend you read Cialdini’s INFLUENCE book. I wonder if there are second-hand copies in some little market!

Click here for Part 1:  to the inspiration for this Markets Series.


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