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What you can learn from REAL markets – the “market series” – #Blogging #Marketing and #Persuasion tips

Do you love markets?





I love the colour and  variety  and the “equality” and the freshness.

I recently accepted a “gig” as an entertainer (guitar/vocals) at the new Boundary Street Markets In West End in Brisbane, Australia – and the main reason was to improve my social media skills and blogging.

TB Social Media KLT

(My usual more serious corporate gig – as a writing/social media/marketing coach and trainer)

Sure,  as a musician/entertainer, I enjoyed the playing and interaction – but the “bigger” reason was the “continuing education” and “refresher course” in business at its most basic! 


During the breaks between sets – I’d chat to and learn from colourful “market” characters – and in this “market series” of posts I’ll share with you some of the social media and business marketing lessons I learned.

A common theme was that so many of the people I spoke to – loved the variety  and freedom of markets and being close to the people, the lack of “walls” and barriers  and bureaucracy of normal commerce.

In this series you’ll meet Kris – a woman who worked in serious finance in London. She yearned for a more “colourful” life and now makes a living from her passion for retro. Her “marketing” is very clever. You can tell she combines a genuine passion with great business skills!

Kris VV

Then there’s the street performers who love the “freedom” of market performance. I loved their performance slang.


– You need a good “pitch” (performance space).

–  The feedback is immediate. You have to do a good performance EVERY time – if you want a good “hat” – performance recompense/financial feedback.

inmates good hat

As I played my songs, I carefully studied the stall holders and the customers. During the breaks, I’d record my notes – and snap some photos on my phone.

Markets are a photographer’s paradise!!

TB notes



J iced tea

What a valuable and educational experience!

I’m very grateful for all the people I met and the lessons they shared with me.

retro van

I’m confident you’ll enjoy their lessons too!

Click here for: Part 2

Part 3:


TB headline technique

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