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Why news writers need to get expressions right – and I’m not just splitting hares!

Do you get annoyed when you read or hear so many word choice mistakes in the news?

VILE when it should be VIAL.

COURSE when it should be COARSE.

that FAITHFUL  day when it should be that FATEFUL day.

HAIR-BRAINED when it should be HARE-BRAINED.


Maybe I’m just a pendant – maybe I’m just splitting hares!

Maybe it’s out of fashion to believe that journalists and modern “content creators” should try to use the correct expressions.

I trust that journalistic love and care for language does not date  – like the clothes and glasses  in above photo!

Of course, the expression should be spilling hairs – rather than splitting HARES. (Also, it’s pedant not pendant!)

Today I saw a radio news organisation tweet about a HAIR-brain idea – when the correct expression should be   HARE-brained. (The news organisation may have been quoting a source that made the mistake)

I often hear Australian TV correspondents talk about  “that FAITHFUL DAY” – when the expression should be FATEFUL DAY.


In my  news reporting days I made mistakes – and lots of them – but luckily I had bosses and colleagues who made me aware of what I should have been saying or writing.

I’m still a “news junkie” and from my own mistakes (and from carefully studying common mistakes on radio and TV bulletins and in print and on-line news)  I’ve accumulated a large resource  of commonly misused expressions used in news reporting.

I often help news organisations (especially TV and radio) give their writers “a quick hit”  – a session to help writers choose the correct words and know what the correct wording of common expressions should be.

If you’re interested in helping your reporters avoid embarrassing mistakes –  I’d love the help.

Please contact me for a quick and cost-effective session of Choose the Right Words – News Writing.

The sessions are designed to be memorable and even enjoyable. Some “clever” organisations I’ve worked with organise  a session for their key and influential writers/reporters and these key people then help spread a culture of caring for correctness throughout the organisation.


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    November 15, 2016

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