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Better #Blogging: How to make your blog subject more “appetising” for your readers – like a prawn cocktail!

You can benefit from these writing techniques that just “sucked me into” reading a post.

prawn cocktail in glass

I regularly “study” the posts from CSIRO. I am a bit of a science nerd – and a BIG fan of the engaging writing of the CSIRO bloggers. I am not connected with the CSIRO in any way. I’d tell you if I was!

Anyway, I’ll share with you the techniques YOU can use to help your posts attract readers.

1. Make your subject more appetising!

The post was about scientists studying mud types that prawns prefer.

Instead of starting the post with mud and “dirty and distant” prawns in some far-off breeding ground – the post started with the idea of prawns in a seafood cocktail.

“If you plan on tucking in to a tasty seafood cocktail this Christmas, you’ll be pleased to hear this.”

The bits about the mud types etc. were further down the post – after I got “hooked” by the intro

Maybe I’m a primitive bloke – but that start was more appealing to me. I could almost see and taste a prawn cocktail – the  chilled, sweet, succulent prawns – a squeeze of lemon, a dipping sauce….

Anyway! Back to reality! You get the picture! – HOW can YOU present your subject at the start of your post that the reader can relate too.

Symbolically get those prawns out of a muddy estuary and cleaned up and peeled and into an attractive prawn cocktail cup!

2. Start with a YOU angle

When I help businesses improve their blogging, I encourage writers to start with a YOU in the first line. In the CSIRO post – YOU is the second word and comes before the subject PRAWNS.

3. Use the heading as a hook.

The heading was “hard core prawns” – and I was curious – what was hard core about these prawns?

Think: how can YOU make a reader want to know more and read a post.

Here’s a link to the post for you to study the engaging style.

The post also used a satisfying technique of “closing the circle” – after doing into detail about the science and research parts – it came back to the end result – better prawns on our plates.

Well done Steph! – (the writer).

CSIRO – give that writer a pat on the back – a Christmas bonus – or at least a good prawn cocktail


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