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Who else loves “new” blend words – like Bleisure?

Lots of my creative friends love creating new words. They are attracted to new words and shiny new things.

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If you are  ever trying to hook attention – a new word promises something new and often exciting – and people in creative and innovative industries love new and creative words.

From my experience in the media, I know reporters love “the new” too. What’s the new angle? What’s different? How can I make my story sound new and interesting?

The media also loves to know about trends.

This post was inspired by one word  – one word that hooked my attention this morning:

Bleisure – a blend of business and leisure.

Here’s a link to the article that hooked my attention. I don’t know if this writer “invented” the expression – but to whoever did – it’s simple yet clever.

The expression may have been around for a while – but this morning was the first I’d ever heard of it!

Bleisure travel is when people travel for business and then stay for some leisure.

In a previous post, I raved about  creating a clever blend word to describe your job or niche – inspired by the example of a scootographer  – a photographer with a passion for taking pics of Mod scooters. The niche then led to lots of other work – taking photos of fashion – and food – and travel!!!


What can YOU learn from this:

1. If your target audience (or a significant portion of it) is likely to enjoy wordplay and new things (often smart and creative industries) go to the effort of creating a blend word.

2. If you ever need to attract media attention – be aware that the media loves to report on the new and a new word promises that lure of the new.

Now, I confess to a mix of envy and admiration for the scootographer’s  scooters- fashion -food-travel lifestyle.

And I bet some of that lucky scootographer’s trips are bleisure travel!


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