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How to write “real world” posts that resonate and get response

Don’t you love it when you read a message that really resonates with you?

A message that connects with your world – the real world!

walk sign

tea cup 2

This post was inspired by a cross-walk button and a tea cup.

The cross-walk sign was in a post from one of my favourite bloggers/writers Chris Brogan.

He was writing about getting a response and here’s how Chris started his piece.

Have you ever pushed a crosswalk button a thousand times because you’re in a hurry and you’re concerned it “didn’t take?” Today, in Toronto, I pushed a button and it lit up to tell me, “Hey, yes you did indeed push me.” Wow, I thought. A response.

This post really resonated with me because it wasn’t just theory – it related to something tangible in my world.

I also chuckled at how Chris seems able to find a message in everyday experiences and objects (often mundane to most people).

I thank Chris for inspiring me to use these real-world connectors in my business presentations and writing.

walk sign

Several months ago I even used a  photo I took and a real-life symbol of the speed of a WALK sign for a piece about being aware of different presentation paces for different parts of the country. In cities like Sydney the WALK signs change soooo quickly – often too fast for people from “more relaxed” parts of the country.

Anyway, my point is:

1. don’t be afraid to use some everyday symbol or example YOUR audience can relate to

2. get into the habit of looking out for everyday symbols – and even don’t be afraid to snap a quick photo with your smart phone. In my presentation training I call it using “The appeal of the REAL!”

Make your messages Resonate!

Sure, you can move to the more serious parts of your message after you have connected with an everyday example/symbol at the start.

If you want to improve your communication skills, I firmly recommend you read Resonate by Nancy Duarte.

Nancy makes many points about how to make your messages resonate with your audience – and my favourite one is about a tea cup.

The tea cup example is so memorable. It’s short and simple and yet really “gets inside me”. It resonates!

This post is getting long and the tea cup story need a bit of analysis – so I’ll share it in my next post!

Here’s a link: (just finished it)

And here’s a link to Chris’s post about the cross-walk sign:

Chris’s posts are so worth reading. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons from his posts and podcasts!

Also, on the theme of response – can you please leave a quick response in the comments section (even just yes or no) on whether everyday examples CONNECT with you! Thanks!

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