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How you can use the attention-grabbing power of clever names – scootographer

Can you guess what a scootographer is?

Are you curious to see if you are correct?

I certainly was!


This morning,  this name in a twitter profile in a pile of other twitter profiles stood out and  hooked my attention and made me want to find out more.

I started following the scootographer  on twitter and Facebook and I checked check out the website.

Whenever something attracts my attention – I try to analyse WHY.

What attracted me with scootographer was:

1. it was unusual.

2. it created curiosity to investigate further.

I figured it probably involved a photographer who took photos of scooters (like Vespas) – and what I found was even better than what I expected.

scootographer 1

So what? How can you apply this?

Can you create an unusual word by combining two things? –  like scooters and photography. 

Sure, scooter and phoTographer fit well together.

Creatively play with word combinations to see how you can create an attention-grabbing, curiosity-arousing name.

Test example:

Let’s say you are a dentist by profession with a passion for scooters/Mod culture

Jot down a list of word and associated words and came up with different combinations.

Column A                             Column B

Dentist                                  Scooters

Teeth/tooth                        Vespa

Smile                                       Mod

etc                                            etc

Look for how the one word can combine with part of the other word.


Look at possible “joins” around shared letters or sounds.

1. See how the combination word looks

2. Say it out loud to hear how it sounds.

In  about 15 seconds I came up with


I’m sure with more time  you could produce lots more options. Anyway, you get the idea!

A catchy name can help you attract attention and help you stand out from others in the same line of business.

For example, we know the scootographer specialises in shooting scooters and the Mod scene.

In the other hypothetical example, we would know that the Modentist was a dentist who was passionate about the Mod scene.

If you are interested: Here is a link to The scootographer. Obviously he shoots MORE than just scooters. Lots of great food shots too!

Be warned – you’ll probably spend lots of time admiring the beautiful images.!/index

I have no connection with scootographer. I’m in Australia – but I’m so glad I became aware of scootographer – and it was all due to that clever combination word!


You can see why I was interested in the scootographer!

TB cafe parka

The Jam T shirt

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