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Marketing Tip: Business Names that make a good sound Part 2 – WOW!

Have you heard of the Wow Wallet?

They look like paper – and come in all sorts of colourful designs and the brand promise is that they make people say WOW!

wow wallet1

wow wallets

I saw some at Glebe Markets recently and I loved the sound of the name and the tagline – “WOW – is that your wallet?”

That’s exactly the reaction I had in mind when wanted to buy one or two of them.

The Wow wallets are very colourful and I imagine they would be a “hit” with individuals who like to be a bit different – especially in creative industries.

Part of the marketing includes the line:

Express your originality with a Wow Wallet™ in your pocket!

Some have a “comic book nerd” – look about them.


Others have a real retro vibe – such as the days before e-mail when people sent letters by air mail.

I must confess I love paper – colourful maps and stamps and stationery.

wowwallets - air mail

Personally, I loved this one that looked like paper from one of those old dot-matrix printers with the tractor-fed paper with the grip holes on the side.

Just looking at this wallet brought back fond memories of the noisy printer and coffee-fuelled nights  staying up writing books and screenplays.

printed paper wow wallet

I imagined pulling out the wallet  to get a business card at some big event with former computer nerds turned successful business people who probably also remembered this sort of paper.

I imagined them being WOW-ed by the wallet

I reckoned the wallet would be a real conversation starter and point of common connection!

I also imagined my son being impressed when I showed him the  Batman vs Superman I bought for him.

TB Glebe markets

I am in no way connected with Wow Wallets.

I just use them as an example of a cool, great sounding name and tag line that sounds like the response you’d like to get when someone sees your wallet (or other product)

Now, that name is TM’d – but you can use the same principle.

What would a positive reaction sound like?

What are other expressions of delight – other than WOW!?

Plus WOW Wallet is easy to remember. Poetic devices such as alliteration make names more memorable.

You can  even find a commonly used superlative that starts with the same letter as your product.

Think about the sound of the name of your business or product.

A good sounding business name can WOW your potential buyers and put money in YOUR wallet!

If you like the retro look of WOW wallets – here’s a link

And here’s a link to another clever use of a good sounding name that projects a promise: NO YELLING DRIVING SCHOOL.


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