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How smart phones are changing the way we “choose” a business

Do you do this?

Instead of writing stuff down you just take a photo with your smart phone.

It’s happening a lot with business contact details – when potential customers want to record contact numbers, websites etc.

The current trend is for businesses to help potential clients  perform the 3  S’s with business contact details

1. See it 

2. Snap it

3. Search it


See it

To be seen – many businesses are using old-fashioned “outdoor” signage to hook attention (on cars, billboards, public transport signs etc).

Snap it

The old-school signage  trend (especially on billboards) was to only include information that could be taken in with a quick (few second) glance. Modern marketers know people can snap a photo of all the contact details.

Search it

These days many businesses also include lots more information – a choice of contact details figuring that a reader will take a photo and then choose how they want to contact the business.

Cars are  popular “mobile billboards”. The signs often include even “long” web addresses – reasoning that people will just take a photo rather than have to take the time to write it down.

Some audiences are not as tech savvy. Some people prefer to make a phone call and to talk to a person so the good old-fashioned phone number is included too.

Many people are tech savvy enough to snap a photo!


And here’s a photo of a billboard. Once again, note  the choice of ways to contact the business – in this case a law firm.

I snapped a pic of the billboard so I could remember the name of the law firm and record  the contacts.

law billboard1

With billboards, it’s important to remember that people walking by or being driven (by another driver or public transport) may be able to take photos.

To be remembered by a driver passing by who can’t take a photo, it helps to make it easy for the brain to retain one thing you can search up later – probably on you smart phone.

The No Yelling name is easy to remember. I remembered it from seeing it on a car while I was busy driving. I then searched and found it!

With a law firm name – it helps to encourage the reader to retain just one name so they can find a business in a search  – e.g. search: Turner + lawyers.

You can see more in this post on legal marketing and billboards:

I wonder if in the future there will be a technology to enable us to click easily and directly on a web address we capture in a photo!  Directly from the photo!

Maybe the technology already exists to do this  – you can click on web addresses in word documents and even some downloadable files.

The phone-ternet

US “business designer” Chris Brogan  is a social media expert (he doesn’t like to call himself an expert – yet he is definitely an authority on the subject).

Chris talks about (and I believe he coined the term) the rise of the phone-ternet –  which is the practice of accessing the internet on the smaller screens of smart phones.

Smart businesses have streamlined and modified their business websites so they look simple and not too busy on a small screen.

I know it sounds simplistic – but if a business  website looks easy to read and navigate on a smart phone screen – the business itself  looks as if it will be easy to work with. This can influence your choice of a business.

You can check out Chris’s website here.

Check it out on your smart phone and see how well it translates to the smaller phone screen.

I think I’ll ask Chris is the technology already exists to link to a website from a web address in a photo.


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