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Social Meania – spinning negative comments into positive

This morning I sampled this  interesting social media “tactic” from Australian morning TV show –  Sunrise.


The first thing that attracted my attention was the title “with a twist”Social Meania (very clever whoever thought it up or borrowed it!)

Anyway, the short compilation video showed the stars of the show reading out various negative comments about them from social media.

If you haven’t already seen the compilation you can check it out here:

Here’s why I thought it was clever.

1. It turned the negative comments into entertaining “content” that I’m sure will be spread by social media

2. It showed the stars were aware of the comments and willing and able to “handle” the comments

3. It showed in many cases that the stars were amused by or literally laughed at the comments

4. the video will  encourage lots of deeper support  and social media activity from fans of the show and the stars.

I’ve just been reading some of the supportive statements on the show’s Facebook page this morning.

Like martial arts such as Akido – the ” tactic” took the energy of an “opponent/attacker” and spun it to where the “attacked” wanted the energy to go – a circular movement/ a pivot to somewhere that suited the “attacked”

I predict:

1. the video will attract lots of attention and

2. the Social Meania will be a regular and popular segment on the show.

It may already be a segment. This morning was  the first time I’ve seen it and I saw it via the internet and  Yahoo 7 “Sunrise stars read mean tweets”. I haven’t had the TV on this morning!


How the Sunrise response could be even better:

I’m a former “annoying perky” morning TV person (with the rival Channel 9’s TODAY show) who moved into corporate communications and social media engagement.

A modern trend is to make “strategic concessions” where you admit where someone has a point and is right. It shows you are willing to listen and admit that you can improve, You find something to agree with.

There is a whole “art” to responding to negative comments on social media – other than just meeting negativity with negativity or laughing at comments.

Sure, many of these comments were “laughable”.

This social meania segment seemed to deliberately pick the most extreme and negative comments.

The show could also pick one or two  constructive criticism comments and “learn” from them – with sincere reactions such as:

Thanks for making me aware of that 

Interesting to know that annoys some people

I’ll try to keep that in mind

I know that sort of reaction doesn’t fit under the  MEAN bit of the title of social meania.

I just thought that the video (while very entertaining and clever for the reasons above) was a bit one-dimensional and dismissive of viewer reaction.

What did YOU think of the social meania video?

Should they keep it just to extreme negative comments and reactions?


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