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How a “pinch of poetry” in your profile can make you sound more memorable and likeable

You can learn a lot from studying what top tweeters do .

Study their articles crammed with tips – and also study how they write their own twitter and other social media profiles that tell us who they are and what they do.

Today I chose to follow a person – Nick Venezia from California –  because of the “poetry” and the “sound” of his profile.


Nick Venezia

I’m a real writing and word nerd.




As a political (and business) speechwriter, I love how the sound of words can make messages sound right and be more memorable.

Nick uses poetic devices such as alliteration and assonance (not perfect rhyme – but an “echo” of a vowel sound – e.g. gEEK and mEET)

Bling  your blog and make your Social web  Sexy (alliteration)

My favourite is:

The coolest geek you’ll ever meet (assonance)

That memorable line helps project the image Nick wants to convey.


Maybe not everyone will be as fond of the sound of words – but through the ages great speakers (and speechwriters) and advertising experts have harnessed the power of poetic devices for memorable messages and slogans.

Poetic devices can make your messages more memorable and make YOU more like-able to other people who like the sound of words.

Some industries will be more attracted than others  to creative word play and poetry. “Straighter” industries such as finance and law will generally be less impressed than more creative industries such as advertising and marketing.

Having said that – more and more law firms, especially in the US, are using memorable slogans that harness the power of poetic devices. Some more progressive Australian firms are using poetic slogans too!

  1. Partnering for Progress – Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal US
  2. Discern the Difference – Miller & Chevalier US
  3.  We Fight for Fair – Australian firm  – Maurice Blackburn

Maurice Blackburn logo

Many firms even protect their creations.

O.K. –  I’m digressing from social media profiles.  I just want to show that even serious law firms realise the power of a pinch of poetry.

One of my favourite colourful communication expertsSam Horn, often makes her tips memorable by expressing them in rhyme or word play. I’m deliberately just going from memory – you can see how the wordplay helps you remember the basic message.


Ink it when you think it (write it down when you get an idea!)

Instead of spell check – think spell chuck



When it comes to using poetic devices – don’t overdo it so it draws attention to itself. Remember:  Just a pinch of poetry!

Anyway, I started checking out Nick’s website and following his tweets – and I like how he DOES write about all sorts of “cool” and amusing things “geeks” can be interested in.

My favourite so far has been musing posts about how people ask Siri all sorts of silly questions and how Siri often has amusing replies.

My favourite: When Siri is asked “Tell me a Poem”

Rose are red

Violets are Blue

Haven’t you got anything better to do!

Ha ha – even Siri likes a pinch of poetry!


word nerd CU

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