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Hook attention on #SocialMedia – harness the power of colours and shapes like this >

If you want to hook attention on social media and attract “like-minded” people – here’s how you can use the power of colour and shapes.

The Jam T shirt

T and C and mod

This image (BELOW) caught my eye. It stood out from hundreds, maybe thousands, of images I see every day on social media.

It was simple and striking and connected with images that were already part of my life.

Social catapult

In a previous post, I wrote about how the shape and basic simple design caught my attention because:

1. I am a big fan of Mod and Mod-revival images and music. (I live in  Australia – and  there is also a strong neo-Mod. Brit Pop culture/movement here too)

2. I was/am a “plane nerd” and grew up building model planes with the RAF roundel symbol.


After the image caught my attention,  I felt the creator was probably a “like-minded person” – so we connected by social media.

The creator, UK social media expert Vanessa Lewis, explained that she deliberately created a target symbol in specially chosen  colours.

Then I found out why  the colours attracted my interest – they were so familiar and part of my world.

I see these colours almost everyday – but in a different shape.

As Vanessa, explained the colours of the different target “rings” are:

Social catapult

facebook-twitter-pinterest colours

1. Facebook blue

2. Twitter turquoise

3. Youtube or Pinterest Red

It’s funny – my “liking” these colours was subliminal yet powerful.

The shape/design caught my interest first – then the colours – all in a fraction of a second.

I’m so glad the image caught my attention, slowed me down and made me want to connect with and follow a like-minded person.

I still have to find out if Vanessa likes Mod-revival or Brit Pop music!

TB cafe parka

Here’s a link to the original post:

and a link to Vanessa’s web page – if you too are interested in social media!

Mod Vespa mod vespas watm

If you like more Mod images – here’s one of my favourite pages I  like and “follow” on Facebook:



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