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Road Trip Persuasion Lessons – how to change minds

Warning: Read this when you are not hungry!

On a recent road trip I had cravings for a good, old-fashioned Australian hamburger – you know the kind with beetroot and juicy pineapple and  slightly “burned” onion!

I had my heart set on stopping at some little old-fashioned cafe and enjoying a big, juicy hamburger.

But road sign repetition and suggestion and branding changed my mind.

I’m driving from Sydney to Brisbane in the Nambucca Heads area  and see a sign for something I hadn’t heard of before – Fredo Pies.

fredo pies

I’m still keen on a hamburger – and later down the road I see another sign for Fredo famous pies – then another.

I’m starting to get hungry and I see yet another Fredo’s sign. Instead of waiting to find an old-fashioned cafe with an old-fashioned hamburger – I wonder what all the fuss is about these Fredo Pies.

I’ve analysed what made me change my mind from being so set on a hamburger to wanting to try these pies.

(I have no relationship with Fredo Pies. I just use them of a good example of persuasion and “marketing”.)

If I put on my business communication hat – what Fredo Pies did well was;

1. Awareness – before I saw the first, sign I never knew they existed

2. Re-emphasis and repetition – not just one “touch-point” but down the road another then another. The repetition changed my mind from hamburger to pie!

3. Strong visual  branding – not just words – but also that distinctive crocodile image. To me it had character and a promise of not just a bland, everyday product.  To my eye – the image had a slightly retro and old school feel. A holiday vibe and a certain regional pride about it.  Maybe I read too much into stuff.

What do you “feel” when you see the colourful picture below?

4. Making to easy to buy. When I travel with a car load of gear – I like to grab a quick bite while I can keep an eye on my car.

Fredo Pies had plenty of parking – where you could keep an eye on your car. The ease – influenced my decision too.


People BUY for different reasons.

For me – what changed my mind was:

The repetition of signs along the road.

The distinctive crocodile image

Plus – curiosity! What’s the fuss about these pies I seem to see everywhere.

Anyway, I’m glad I changed my mind – or had my mind changed for me!


The owner was very apologetic.

“We’ve just had to bake some fresh pies. A Harley Owners Group (HOG riders) just dropped in and cleaned us out!”

I also imagine that passing international visitors would be attracted to the Aussie crocodile image.

Fredo bag

As I mentioned I don’t have ANY connection with Fredo. I am not spruiking their pies. They don’t need any help from me!

I’m just a traveller who  was just impressed with their branding and identifiable image (the Croc) and investing in the repetition of signs.

Plus the pies were delicious! I had a very tasty beef and cheese and onion one. My favourite was a sweet, pumpkin pie.

So, some real-life, road trip lessons:

1. Start winning attention early  – before the point of purchase – think of the signs along the highway before the point of purchase

2. Don’t think that one sign (one touch point) is enough – build over time

3. Sometimes old-school, (authentic) signs and images can project a “home-made” not mass-produced feel

4. Make it easy to go and buy

I asked the owner about the name Fredo thinking is could have been some old Italian owner.

Apparently it’s short for  the town  Frederickton – where the Pie shops originated. There’s now a few in the area – a franchise I think that benefits from the branding.

Plus I guess a sign for one shop – will reinforce the message and benefit an outlet further down the road.

Anyway, now I know about Fredo pies and I’ll make sure I pop in on future road trips – maybe with my son next time!

He thinks crocs are cool – plus he loved a good pie!


TB cafe parka

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