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Create funny, visual and share-able social media content to spread your message

This post was inspired by a funny image I saw on Facebook this morning.

It was accompanied by the words: October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Get those puppies checked.

What made me laugh was the expression on the different dogs’ faces!

And the thought that someone had to “dress” these gorgeous dogs with pink balloons!

And the words with it – get those puppies checked. The photo and the message combined perfectly!

I could be wrong – but to me it looks like the image was specially created to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness.

Why else would dogs be wearing pink balloon boobies?

puppies out

I’ve been sharing the pic all day with my Facebook friends – and my friends have been sharing it too.

It’s perfect for Facebook – visual, cute, funny and easy to share.

Whenever I see great creative work – I try to break it down into achievable steps – how to come up with similar ideas.

TB talking to class

I often help good causes spread their messages – and this is a great example of how to spread messages via share-able humorous messages.

I first saw this message when a friend shared it with me.

Causes that happen every year  often have to come up with fresh ways of spreading a message.

Imagine the creative process behind the photo!

I can imagine a meeting or brainstorming session to come up with a fresh idea.

(Now I’m just imagining this – I’ll have to find out what really happened!)

Question 1: OK – what are some other words for “breasts”? (write suggestions on a whiteboard) – a whole list of other words for breast – including puppies!

Puppies – love the idea!

Tits – yeah those cute little birds. Tits could work! Park that for next year! Puppies for this year! 


Question 2: OK – puppies! – how can we use puppies in a photo. On Facebook people love pet images. Puppies are cute! Puppies can be funny.

Question 3: How can we get he colour pink in there? What about pink puppies? Maybe we can dye them pink!

Question 4: OK – what is do-able?

OK it says puppies – but puppies can be unruly. What about older dogs who have been trained? Can we stretch it to dogs or older puppies? (Modifying the idea to be do-able!)

Let’s go with a pro – anyone know any great dog photographers who can get a good photo?

puppies out

My internet research found a specialist dog photographer in the US with the same name that’s on the photo – and I’m trying to find out what really happened in the creative process.


So what can you take away from this?

If you are trying to create shareable content for social media to promote your cause’s message.

1. Think Visual – images attract attention on Facebook more than just posts with words.

2. Think Funny – funny images – maybe funny words to go with it. With shareable content it can help if you suggest the humour and a sender can add their own humour to it.

3. If you Do add text onto a photo –  Think Brief. There’s so much other cool stuff on Facebook – you want a short sharp message – like Get your puppies checked

3. Think Achievable – It’s one thing to have grand creative ideas – you also have to make it achieveable.

In my opinion, this Facebook shareable content was brilliant, funny and effective. Well done!

Monique Dews and Jo Hayes_Pink ambassadors

My wife  (with the boa) works in radio in Australia – and supports local Cancer causes. (That’s not why I am writing this post or sharing the photo.)

I’ll have to share the photo with my wife – and encourage her to get her puppies checked!


TB cafe parka

If your cause could use some help in coming up with fresh angles or creative social media engagement – I’d love to help. I can help run a creative session with many creativity and word play warm ups!

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