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To get ahead – don’t just “download” – make time to “digest”

This post was inspired by the amazing writing resource copyblogger.

I “download” lots of  copyblogger tips. But downloading is not enough – you also have to digest.


The resource is a steady stream of clever writing tips and tips about social media and engagement.

But this morning  as I read the latest tips –  part of me got worried and annoyed!

I thought:

Everyone can access these tips.

Everyone can access these writing and copywriting  techniques I took years to learn as a journalist, speechwriter and corporate copywriter.

I’ll lose my competitive edge as a writer  and writing trainer if everyone knows how to do it.

release the verb

Then I thought – It’s not what you download – it’s what you digest!

I use the term download to describe all the PDFs, e-books, and other documents full of great writing tips.

…and all those e-mails sitting unread in your in-box.

That’s the equivalent of buying a bookshelf full of great books – but never taking the time to read them!

Great tips in books on a bookshelf OR in downloads on your computer are of little use – unless you make the effort to read and digest them.

olivetti lettera 32

I love getting the steady stream of e-mails from copyblogger.  Yet sometimes I get so busy I have trouble keeping up with reading the e-mails.

Anyway – it’s Saturday morning and my family is still asleep and I have quiet time.

I get up early and start my ritual of reading and digesting the Copyblogger tips.

I schedule regular time to read the tips.

Yes, I know I am a nerd! But I’m a disciplined nerd.

Another effective technique is to  develop prompts – events  or triggers that remind you to digest the copywriting tips.

O spock ears

(My son – with  fake Spock ears!)

For example: I take my son for after-school tutoring.  His tutoring sessions are  a prompt for me to get some “tutoring” and digest some of the copyblogger tips – especially the e-mails that have been backing-up in my inbox.

While my son has his sessions I wait for him  in his school library – the same ritual every time – pull up a bean bag, relax and digest some copyblogger tips!

TB reading trigger

Remember: you can download all you want – but you also have to schedule time to read and digest the tips and articles.

Others may also get access to the tips. Others may also download the tips.

You can still keep your edge – by having the discipline to MAKE the time to read the tips.

It’s not what you download – it’s what you digest!  

Schedule time to digest. Develop rituals and prompts and triggers.


Here’s a link to copyblogger. I am not connected with copyblogger in any way. I am just a very grateful fan!



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