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Warning: Don’t make “work-scuses”!

Most of us make the mistake of making “work-scuses”.  


I know I do – and they get in the way of getting the most important work done.

A work-scuse is when you tell yourself (and maybe others) that you are too busy to do something because you are busy working on something else.

Work-scuses are often the cause of procrastination and delay.

For example, this week I had important work to do – but it was dull and demanding work.

I found other more exciting work to do.

I’ve come to know my “areas that need improvement”. A big area to improve is the work-scuse!

I work hard – but sometimes not at the most important stuff!

I’d much rather work on  creating some new and exciting training  project – rather than the more mundane tidying up a project I have finished delivering.

TB talking to class

The first step of fixing work-scuses is AWARENESS!

Ask yourself:

1. What areas of your work do you LIKE to do?

2. What areas are less appealing to you?

3. Are you making a work-scuse in delaying the more important yet less appealing work – claiming you are busy working on the more appealing work.

4. What’s the most important thing you need to be working on right now!

One of my business heroes Peter Bregman wrote a great book called 18 Minutes to help himself and others get the most important things done.


Part of his method involves:

1. realising you can’t get it all done – you have to pick things to do

2. planning at the start of the day – what are the most important things you need to do – that advance your key goals

3. asking  yourself every hour – Am I working on the most important thing right now?

Another thing I love to do is WRITE and CREATE- rather than attending to the less exciting admin work that goes with business.

At this moment – writing this IS important – and I can do it AND do my other important work for today.

I set a timer on doing my more “fun” work. Time’s up – so on to less exciting work.

Peter Bregman’s tips really improved my productivity and effectiveness.

Here’s a link to his resources:

My advice to you – set a timer as I do (20 mins)- or else you can spend all day reading his cool stuff – when you may have other less exciting but more important things to do!

This image is from this link –  also about excuses and procrastination. You can read it (with a timer) after you’ve done the most important work you need to do! 🙂




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