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Father-son lessons from the 2013 Rugby League Grand Final

This morning my son showed me this clip on youtube  from the post-game presentations of the 2013 Rugby League Grand Final.


My son and I loved watching the game on TV – and watching the very “telling” presentation after the game.

Take a quick look and pay attention to:

1. the little boy on left of screen who kicks over the “Grand Final” balls and then has his little “moment” on camera.

2. the girl in the wheelchair and how some footballers shake her hand and acknowledge her presence and others ignore her

When my son and I watched the presentation live on TV – my son commented  about how he thought the footballers should not ignore the girl in the wheelchair.

Some footballers did shake her hand – and my son commented “Those guys probably have kids themselves!”

I said:  Son, when YOU get an award –  Always remember to shake the hand of “the kid in the wheelchair”

Also, I asked him what he thought about the boy who kicked over the footballs.

My son said: Massive Fail! Funny – but I hope he didn’t get hurt.

How do you feel about the little kid taking a tumble AND the girl in the wheelchair getting ignored by some players.

You don’t see it in this clip – but one of the “star-players” gave the girl a peck on the cheek. Other players shook her hand. Others didn’t seem to acknowledge her.


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