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Coffee-break Career tip #1

coffee beans1

How to use “delicious” colour to engage on social media – the way Chris Brogan does

coffee sign

Do you love chocolate? Do you crave coffee?

Do these colours make you think of chocolate or coffee?

One of my social media heroes Chris Brogan seems to love coffee and these coffee colours too – and he uses both coffee colours and images  and words to engage with his audience.


It may be that he just picked a coffee coloured web design because he likes those colours. I think his choice is sincere and authentic  – but also “deliberate”.

Here’s how you too can use colour to engage and make your audience feel positively about your message.

Colour can be a short-cut to emotion and positive memory associations!

I find my eye is naturally drawn to these coffee and chocolate colours. I even stop in my tracks and take photos of signs with these colours.

I even buy things based on colour – like these journals.  They came in all sorts of different colours – but I bought the coffee/chocolate coloured ones – a dark one and a lighter “milkier” one.

coffee - colours

Now I’m a “bloke” – so I don’t know if I am using the right  colour descriptions – I find these colours remind me of both chocolate and coffee!

max brenner

Mmmm  chocolate! (said in Homer Simpson voice)

chris brogan site colour

Just look at the colour palette of his site!

You’ll also note the coffee cup icon where you sign up for his newsletter – where he wants you to take action. When you type in your name – your name appears in rich coffee colours.

Chris could have just used standard colours – but no! – the background is like a milky, creamy coffee and some of the text is in a darker coffee colour. Compare  Chris’s site to the coffee sign at the start of this post – repeated here…

coffee sign

Once again – I believe the colours of the sign and the coffee cup image  help prompt the desired action – to buy a coffee!

Colours can be shortcuts to emotions and powerful memories.

I am in no way connected with Chris Brogan – other than being an avid student of his engaging, easy-going style and “chatting” occasionally on social media. He makes an effort to “chat” with people who take the effort to contact him!

There are so many ways Chris engages – his writing style, his friendly design etc – and I’ll share my analysis of those “techniques” in other more-business-related posts. For, now I’m just talking about colours – colours you can almost taste!

If you are interested in finding our more about Chris Brogan and engaging for business – I’ll put an link at the end of this post.

If you are just interested in colour – I’ll link to a previous post about the Groovy “Brady Bunch” orange colour and how it attracts many people who grew up watching the Brady Bunch and surrounded by that groovy colour!

My theory is that we associate colours with experiences and memories. Coffee and chocolate colours can remind you of coffee and chocolate tastes.  My coffee/chocolate coloured notebooks are so delicious to look at – it’s a pleasure to use them.

I find dark coffee is stimulating – lighter coffees are more comforting and mellow.

Both colours:

  • attract my eye
  • prompt positive taste and flavour memories, and
  • make me feel good!

This positive sensation often transfers to what is presented to me in those colours.

Anyway, as promised.

1. Here’s a link to the post about that groovy “Brady Bunch” orange colour!

2. Here’s a link to Chris Brogan’s site.

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