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Why I’m sending you this message on a Saturday

Saturdays are a busy time if you have school-age kids.  (It’s Saturday in Australia – when I send this message) Aren’t people too busy to read social media messages on such a busy day?

Cleo ballet

I know from my experience – Saturdays are one of my busiest times running kids around. They are also an opportunity – tranquility between the “taxi- driving”.

You see – as parents run their kids around to sports events and dance classes, the parents also have to wait for the kids.

That’s when I see so many parents with their heads bowed  – checking out their Facebook and twitter and e-mail messages on their smart phones or tablets.

Anyway, I know many people either do not have kids or their kids have grown up beyond this stage. But from what I see on Saturdays as I run my kids around – I see lots of parents waiting and reading their social media messages.

I’m trying this post as an experiment.

Can you please quickly comment whether YOU use Saturday mornings or afternoons  and especially the waiting time for catching up on reading your social media messages.

If not Saturdays – what other times?

What are other good waiting and tw-reading times? Different lifestyles – different times!





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One comment on “Why I’m sending you this message on a Saturday

  1. Tony – it would be easier to list the times I don’t check my device vs. the times I do! Basically, I don’t check my device when I’m sleeping or in the shower. Other than that, I’m always sneaking a peek or engrossed in full-on reading…while eating, driving, waiting, on the phone, watching TV, walking down the street…you get the point. [BTW, I’m not bragging or proud of this…just being honest!]

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