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Social Media Engagement Writing tip – twist well-known expressions


I have absolutely NO interest in root lesion nematodes –  do you?

Yet a clever heading caught my attention and compelled me to click through to a post about nematodes.

Whenever social media writing captures my attention – I try to analyse WHY.

I recommend you do the same.

In this case – the hook  for me was a curiosity-catching twist on  a well known expression:

what you don’t know can’t hurt you

Yet in this case, the twist was:

what you can’t see CAN hurt you.

To me this sounded intriguing and tempting …and a bit dangerous!

Maybe, I’ve just seen too many movies!


Admittedly, I initially thought about something excitingly dangerous  like that alien in Predator! – you couldn’t see it because it was invisible or cleverly camouflaged.

I was so curious to see what the WHAT was!

Sure, the WHAT ended up being root lesion nematodes –  and you can’t see them because they are microscopic!

Not as exciting a Predator – but still a danger that can cause HURT!

My point is – if the heading or the words in a tweet promoting the “story” just had the words nematodes – I wouldn’t have bothered to check it out. The twist on the words and the mystery hooked my attention.

Now, I’m glad I did click on through.

I now not only know what root lesion nematodes ARE – I know the damage they can cause – and why it’s important to fight this nemesis – I mean nematode!

So what you can borrow from this?:

1. Use common expressions – yet twist/tweak the words

2. If possible include the opposite of the usual words – e.g. what CAN hurt you

3. If the subject is potentially uninteresting to your audience – have a general WHAT or THIS – so your audience has to click through to se what the WHAT or THIS is!

4. establish the potential danger – before revealing the culprit. (see the first lines of the post)

Now I respect that an agricultural audience is probably more excited by and terrified of and interested in nematodes.

My point is the engaging writing broadened the appeal to a wider audience – including this city boy who now, thanks to this post, knows what knows what nematodes are!

Here’s a link to the post about nematodes:



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