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How to find a positive angle – focus on the future rather than the painful present

How is your present?

For many people these days – the present can be painful and disappointing.

Sometimes finding the positive angle comes in handy – like when I tore my Achilles Tendon. My tendon was completely ruptured and I would have to spend months in a “moon boot” and then several more months in physiotherapy to walk properly.

Before the injury (from an exuberant victory dance after scoring a goal in soccer!) I already had work lined up in Singapore. I didn’t want to let the client down – so I got my doctor’s clearance to travel to Singapore.

staying positive teaching positive messages in Singapore

Despite the happy appearance, I was in pain and on lots of medication – blood thinners and painkillers.

I had to find the positives in this situation and keep focussed on the positives.

  1. At least I could continue my work as a facilitator and trainer – not like my old job climbing mountains and carrying camera gear as a producer on a TV Travel show.
  2. The injury forced me to slow down and really connect with my family (there’s a link to the story at the end of this post – if you are interested!)
  3. Plane travel while wearing a moonboot had its “advantages”!

Those “advantages” included:

  1. You can get taken by wheelchair to the plane
  2. You get express service through security and immigration – the day I left there was industrial action and long, long, lines I managed to by-pass
  3. For some reason I had very healthy and polite young women looking after me (hey I’m being honest here and I was trying to look on the bright side!)
  4. Best of all, in Singapore I got to be a “cart person” as comedian Jerry Seinfeld calls them – where you get transported through the airport in a little cart and you can wave at the pedestrians like you are on a Royal tour.

I stayed focussed on the future rather than the painful present. I was lucky – this was an injury I knew I would recover from in time (in the future).  It would be a good test for finding the positives. In the future this would also be a great real-life example of looking beyond the “painful present”!

Couldn’t have done my old job in a moon boot!

Anyway, long story short – the training went well, my leg is better now and every time I travel again I remember the moon boot experience.

And to be totally honest, I am very grateful that a positive attitude helped me get through what could have been wallowing in negative self talk, pain and self pity.

If you’d like help crafting and delivering positive messages – you can contact me on 0409 821 186. I often have my phone on silent when helping clients – so please leave a message if I don’t answer.

Here is a link to the full story about the positive angle to my injury:


back working again – without the moon boot and cane
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