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How Jimmy Buffett helped my digital “detox”

JB book

Do you suffer, as I do, from an intense love of social media?

Social media can be a fantastic window on the world to things that we love – but it can also be “addictive”!


I love checking Facebook for amazing photographs of waves and longboards and classic 1960s Mustangs and quirky music posts and inspiring TED talks and business wisdom from Chris Brogan and posts by my favourite business writers such as Peter Bregman.

Do you also love  hits of happiness from Twitter? –  In my case, Jimmy Buffett song lyrics and Bad Dad Jokes and Puns and Writing Tips and Zen quotes.

I admit I have a problem switching off social media – so I decided to have a 4-day digital detox.

T banana trees

My family and I escaped to a little “shed” in the green hills behind Kingscliff in the Tweed Valley – banana trees out the window – a perfect place for a digital detox!

Maybe you’ve also read  that to help kick a “bad habit” – it helps to replace it with something else.

I decided to go “old school” and instead of reading from Facebook or twitter – every time I had an urge for social media, I would read my favourite “beach book” – a Jimmy Buffett book I bought from a second-hand book store  for $4 on the Sunshine Coast.

I also took lots of Buffett albums!

buffett books

I remember I enjoyed reading Jimmy’s book “A Pirate Looks at Fifty” on summer holidays on the beach many, many years ago  – down by the soothing whisper of the waves.

If anything was going to be more desirable than social media – it would be this battered old book with pages yellowed by antiquity.

The experience was so refreshingly  “old school” –  instead of media, roasting marshmallows around a fire.


Instead of TV – singing songs on my “beach guitar” with my Little Miss Magic!

C -YOU can count on me

Anyway, the tactic worked.   Four days – no Facebook or Twitter!

I enjoyed being Incommunicado.

So much Jimmy “wisdom” in that little book of his. I’m so glad I had the chance to read it again.

Jimmy wrote about how would rather be “in the moment” – enjoying the moment and writing about it LATER.

So that’s exactly what I did – I enjoyed the moment, was in the moment – didn’t tweet about the moment!  Didn’t post on twitter or Facebook about enjoying the moment during the moment.

Sure, I captured few quick photos on my smart phone (even though I didn’t access social media on it)  – and I waited until now to write about the moment.

Thanks again Jimmy for your music and  your words and your shining example of how to be incommunicado and “in the moment”!

grapefruit juice

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