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Power of Pun – Are puns a “woolly good idea” – or should you ewes them sparingly?

What do you think about puns?

Some people love making puns and to “enjoying” other puns.

Other people hate puns and think they are immature and childish and detract from the seriousness of a subject.

I love puns and as a reporter I was often in trouble for punning in my stories.


My boss would demand that I take the puns out and stop trying to put them in my stories.

You may notice that many media types – especially sub-editors love to use puns in stories and headlines!

They are com-PUN-sive punners.

Anyway, today I found that I was attracted to a post – BECAUSE of a pun and the promise of more puns.

I was the slightest bit interested in  the topic (sheep and wool) – but the pun in this heading hooked my attention.

A woolly good idea

And the story contained more puns:


...It’s always a baaaa-d thing when you’re wool doesn’t stay white and bright.

That’s why we’re bleating the problem…

…so when it comes to your brights, all’s wool that ends wool.

I tracked down the writer through Twitter and noticed that her profile included that she was a “pun lover”.

Punsters enjoy adding to puns with even more puns. I call it one-up-PUN-ship!

Puns CAN hook reader attention – if the audience likes word play. Even non-so-interesting topics can hook attention with playful puns.

I recommend that you don’t use puns in serious topics!

Even in lighter stories – beware that other people hate puns!

Anyway, I’m keen to know what you think.

Do you love puns – or hate them?

Is there a place for the pun in writing – especially in social media writing and headings?




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