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Science of engaging social media – 4 step formula for success

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To make your social media more engaging – here are some easy to apply tips inspired by an example of engaging and stand-out social media from Australia’s CSIRO.

CSIRO facebook

The CSIRO example is an extreme and bold example.

I don’t suggest you have to go as far as being a circus performer – however you can apply the main principles.

There’s a link to my original post and the CSIRO post in full – at the end of this post. It’s worth studying how the post dares to stand-out.

Think Unusual – Think Visual!

Step 1. Harness a strong visual hook.

It’s often a striking visual that hooks the eye and stops you long enough to make you want to read the heading then botherto read a post. This is especially  true with “visual” social media platforms such as Facebook – where you are competing with so many other attention-grabbing posts!

The CSIRO post hooked my attention because of the “unusual” photo of a person with hula-hoops.

Place your visual hooks UP HIGH in your posts or blogs.

Step 2. Harness the power of contrast and curiosity in your headings.                                                                                                                                I love science and  “science” images – however what really made me want to read this CSIRO post (Science meets the Circus)  was curiosity: What the heck has circus got to do with science?

Don’t write boring headings!

Step 3. Connection before qualifications.

The post helped me (as reader) get to know a bit about Jasmine as a person before listing her qualifications and more serious side.

Step 4. Write in a conversational style

Write the way people speak – short sentences, even fragments. It’s OK to use contractions such as it’s instead of it is.

Even an occasional exclamation mark and quick questions!

Why? This is the way people speak in animated conversation.

Examples from the CSIRO post:

But that’s not all.

So how did she come to work for us?


I also liked the non-official style with expressions such as: drool-worthy

This reminded me of the Seinfeld-ian:  sponge-worthy


WARNING: One thing you should be aware of


The post is also very helpful and encourages deeper engagement with lots of links you can click on to get more information about the circus troupe  Warehouse Circus, Hooping Idol and Double Helix.

Just be aware that readers may go off on a detour to check out one of the links and they may never come back to finish your post.

As a personal choice, I recommend mentioning “other places you audience can go” – but saving the actual links until the end of your post.

And to demonstrate – here’s that promised link to my original post and  to the CSIRO post in full for you to see how they engaged so well.


TB NASA story

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