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Spit happens! – how a Jimmy Buffett attitude helps

Warning: please read this when you are NOT eating

I’m so glad I’m a Jimmy Buffett fan!


It’s Saturday morning and I’m sick and cranky – yet still forcing myself to drive my son around for the usual Saturday activities. Parents will know the Saturday routine!

To try to feel better, I’m wearing for the first time my Jimmy Buffett Parrothead polo shirt.

Instead of the usual loud Jimmy Buffett shirts – this one is subtle with just the discreet Parrot logo.

It’s the kind of smart casual shirt  for business people into Warren Buffett as well as Jimmy Buffett  – people “in the know” about the Parrothead culture  – very big I’ve found for  Australian businesspeople also interested in sailing or the Jimmy Buffett lifestyle!

Parrott logo

Anyway, I’m feeling a bit sick and congested so I roll down the window to spit out the window.

There’s a spittle “bungee cord”  – and the wind blows the string of spittle back in through the window and back in my face and onto my treasured  Jimmy Buffett Parrot logo shirt!

My son freezes in the passenger seat – expecting an angry outburst from dad who is looking very “undignified” and unimpressed.

Then I explode – into laughter!

And my son laughs with me. And we keep on laughing and laughing at the ridiculous situation – until a “clean-up” at the next set of lights!

It’s an opportunity to give my son a “dad” lesson in life!

We now have a new saying:

Spit Happens! – for those moments when something “bad” happens and it’s better to just laugh it off.

I teach my son a line from Jimmy:  Sometimes…“If we couldn’t laugh – we would all go insane!”


Thanks Jimmy for helping shape my attitude to life!


grapefruit juice



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  3. efangelist
    September 20, 2017

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    This earlier post was inspired by chatting with an American about the appeal of Jimmy Buffett and tailgate parties at Buffett shows.

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