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How a little “circus” can improve your social media engagement.

Don’t you love it when you see something that restores your faith in good writing and communication?

This morning I was so encouraged and entertained by a wonderful example of excellent social media communication.

 CSIRO facebook

This example I experienced on a Facebook post this morning:

  1. hooked my attention
  2. made me want to read/”experience” it
  3. encouraged me to connect and engage further.

The Facebook post led me to the CSIRO blog.

The post was about a “serious” professional, editor Jasmine Leong,  in her important role with Australia’s CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) – and yet the “hook” was about the professional’s other passions – including  her love for being circus performer and hula hooper!

Science meets circus

If the post had just been the usual “dry” professional profile, I would have ignored it.


I help organisations (often serious organisations such as legal firms and financial services organisations) create engaging and audience-friendly content that actually gets noticed and read (or in the case of videos – watched).

I encourage clients to dare to show their personal interests (appropriate) and passions – more of the person behind the professional – the enthusiasm behind the expertise.

Often I get “push-back” –  “we couldn’t do that – we must keep it professional.”

I understand the reluctance and fear from older professionals – especially those who didn’t grow up with social media – or rather those who grew up and started their careers BEFORE social media.

I admire the courage it can take to dare to share your more colourful aspects of your personality.

Maybe it’s a generational thing! Maybe Jasmine jumped at the chance to reveal her circus side. Maybe she had to be “persuaded” to reveal it for the greater good of the CSIRO!

Either way – my hearty and professional congratulations to Jasmine and to the writer Steph Overton.

TB NASA story

Before an inspiring teacher got me hooked on the power of words and encouraged me to be passionate about writing and language – my ambition in life was to be a scientist.

To me:  Science was sexy (and still is).

I especially wanted to be an astronaut or a scientist working on the space program. The closest I got was “starring” in a TV commercial – playing a young astronaut.

My point is that this CSIRO post was brimming with colour and enthusiasm and passion.

Instead of detracting  and distracting from the work of the CSIRO, the post harnessed he circus angle to draw attention to the science.

My son loves science too and I will be sharing with him the CSIRO Double Helix resource. I would never have known of it except for that Facebook post that hooked my attention.


double helix

The  CSIRO Facebook post also inspired this POST I’m writing now (because it was such a good “extreme” example of daring Social Media) and I am sharing this post with my international audience social media that had probably never heard of the CSIRO.

I look forward to exploring more posts on the CSIRO blog and I encourage you to do the same.

Here’s a link to the blog – so you can check out the circus post and future posts.

Ask yourself: What techniques can I “borrow” to make my social media more engaging?

The sad truth is most social media content from organisations gets ignored.

You don’t have to go so far as dressing in a circus performer costume – but you can add:

1. a passion behind the professional

2. enthusiasm behind your expertise

You can improve your chances of winning attention and deeper engagement by daring to add a little “circus” to your social media



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