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Great David Allen tips on better productivity (Getting Things Done) – and presenting

Wow! What a productive use of time.

I came to watch a video to learn about better productivity from David Allen and ALSO got great lessons on Presenting – and I’ll share the presenting tips here.


David Allen is the best-selling author and speaker on Getting Things Done.

To be honest – productivity and time management can be very dry and dull – but not when David Allen presents it!

I encourage you to watch the video – linked below.

As you watch it also look out for David’s engaging presentation techniques.

Here’s what he does – and what you can do too.

1. Start with a quick, dramatic and engaging and relevant story.

David plunges us into a dramatic story (about 2:30 minutes)  about him and a woman and a boat in danger of being swept onto rocks.

He uses al old trick of slipping in the engaging and dramatic present tense.

The wind is howling…a nasty sea is brewing…we’re at the mercy of the wind

Trial lawyers often use this present tense technique to help the engage a jury.

2. Transition from the story to the main content of your presentation – showing how the story is relevant to the topic

I’m paraphrasing –  but I can remember the essence of the message. That’s the power of a good engaging story to help you remember the essence of the message.“In a Crisis you find your zone – you are fully present because you have to be. wouldn’t it be great to be able to find YOUR focus – without the danger!”

3. As you conclude you can use a technique called closing the circle – where you return to the story and wrap it up AND conclude your presentation.

This can create a satisfying sense of completion for your audience.

About a minute from the end of the presentation, David brings us back to the boat in trouble story (that he deliberately left unresolved).

He does this by his wordscreate your map and launch your ship for the journey.

He reinforces his words with the visuals of boats/yachts.

He then comes back to the story:

(I won’t spoil the story – except to say the woman on the boat did not stay his girlfriend after their dangerous experience.)

Anyway, here’ a link to the video. I’m confident you’ll take away great tips on focus AND presenting!

Now that’s a productive investment of your time!



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