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A creative way to encourage your kids to do what you’d like them to do

I Wanna Be Creative!

My son Orlando and I had a delightful chat on our drive home this afternoon.

I asked him what he wants to do as a career.

His answer: to be a movie director

Now this wasn’t just idle chit chat – I was gathering key information so I can link WHAT HE WANTS TO DO with WHAT I WOULD LIKE HIM TO DO (as in particular behaviour I would like to encourage – like doing his school work, cleaning his room etc.)

I know kid’s career preferences can change so frequently – but it was great to know he wants to be a movie director.

Why do you want to be a movie director? I asked.

O: So I can meet my favourite actors and travel the world and do cool things.

Tony: Don’t you want to be an actor?

O: I’ll probably start out as an actor so…

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