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Persuasion Tip: Use the force of “intersecting circles”

If you have to persuade people – this tip WILL help you.

By day I train persuasion skills to big corporations. By night I have my toughest persuasion battles – yet I’ve started having lots of victories.

TB headline technique

Every evening I need to persuade my son to take an interest in homework – something he finds boring.

As a typical 9-year-old boy, his life is all about super heroes and drawing and drawing superheroes.

He is not interested in “boring stuff” like improving his handwriting or learning his spelling. 

One night, I decided to take my own advice and apply the intersection persuasion technique I’d been teaching to an organisation that day.

In the persuasion training I get my clients to draw those intersecting circles – Venn diagrams you may recall from school.

One circle is what you want. The other circle is what your audience wants.

To be more effective you have to find what’s in the intersection – where what you want and what they want meet.

In “researching” Venn diagrams I found this image that I thought was so clever and artistic, It’s called Nerd Love – Venn diagrams in the shape of a heart.

It’s also a powerful reminder for persuasion – find out what’s in the intersection AND try to tap into what your audience loves (or is passionate about.)

nerd love venn diagram

Here’s a link to the source of the image:

Anyway – I found how I could tap into the intersection and what my son loves.

O superheroes drawing

My son doesn’t like writing words – but he does love drawing – especially super heroes.  I just have to encourage him to write words about super heroes.

So I encourage his drawing (rather than discouraging it) – and I try to build on this and get him to ADD words to his drawings.

O cartoon batman

I am also harnessing his interest in comics and emphasising how comics are a mixture of pictures AND words and storytelling.

And of course in creating his comics he will have to have to write words neatly AND spell them correctly.

The  intersecting circles  technique helps me find HIS reason to get him to write words neatly and spell them correctly!

In researching comics and teaching to help my son – I found a fantastic resource with a comic book hero called….Grammarman

grammar man

Here’s a link to how teachers think Grammarman can help come the rescue in harnessing kids’ love of comics.

Now I know many will say – you don’t have to make it fun for kids.  Just make them do it!

Slide1 copy 5

From my experience in the corporate world and with kids – forcing  people to do something  will get, at best, only  temporary compliance while the threat and surveillance  is there.

It’s better to tap into where your circles intersect – and even better if you can tap into something your audience is passionate about. Motivate and persuade them from the inside – build on a motivation or drive that  is already there

To help you remember this – just think of that clever image of the Heart-shaped Venn diagram!

nerd love venn diagram

If your people could benefit from some persuasion workshops – I’d love to help.

I’m told the  tips are practical and “realistic” for the demands of the real-world work  environment and the training session is encouraging and empowering.

I’ve had plenty of experience helping organisations equip their people with effective influencing and persuasion tips and techniques – to persuade people inside AND outside an organisation.

Hey, if your organisation is more conservative – I can always talk about your standard intersecting circles rather than the more artistic  heart-shaped Venn diagrams.

venn diagrams


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3 comments on “Persuasion Tip: Use the force of “intersecting circles”

  1. Tony Johnston
    August 8, 2013

    Always enjoy reading your words Tony. Timely reminder about finding common ground.

  2. efangelist
    July 18, 2014

    Reblogged this on busy dad to better dad and commented:

    Here’s another “corporate” communication technique we call all use as parents to get kids to WANT to do what we want them to do. Yes, school holidays is a time when the circles of my parent life and my corporate really INTERSECT!

  3. Pingback: #Persuasion Tip: to get change – change the question | efangelist

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