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Don’t make this embarrassing mistake – you’ll be unprofessional and unpopuler

We all make mistakes. Here’s a glaring writing mistake that you can learn from. I’ve made similar mistakes too – just not so blatantly and publicly.

I don’t want to embarrass the writer so I’ll describe with “vague generality”.

The positive side of being a word nerd

An advertisement for English tutors for kids proclaimed in the first few words that the tutors were POPULER tutors (rather than the correct spelling of POPULAR).

The mistake slipped through and I know of that at least one parent (a friend of mine) looked elsewhere for tutors – because of the  mistake.

I’m sure this mistake cost the writer lots of other potential work.

Yet I think I know how and why the mistake slipped through. I made similar mistakes too – until I learned from my mistake.

When YOU check your writing for mistakes – always check the headings.

We often skip over the headings.

Also check the first few words – we often skip over those words  too.

Also check any words you add  or change when you make corrections.

Make sure your corrections is correct 🙂

I’ve had mistakes in my post headings. I ‘d spell check and re-read the body copy – yet, in the past, I didn’t pay as much attention to the headings.

It’s such a sinking feeling when you see a mistake you didn’t catch before your posted!

I’ve had to delete posts and re-post because of a mistake in the heading.

fully sic t shirt

Another thing I learned (by accident) is that many people from the business, media  and writing audience I often write for – notice my posts – BECAUSE of a wrong spelling.

Be honest – did you notice the mistake with UNPOPULER in the heading? Did it make you want to search for more mistakes?

I often rush to post to tie in with some timely event (a journalist instinct).

I have to force myself to slow down. I used to have editors and producers to catch my mistakes.

Now I have to be more diligent with self-editing.

olivetti CU

Anyway, my three tips for you:

1. Check your headings as well as your “body” copy.

2. Deliberate mistakes can attract the attention of writers. Writers can’t help but notice. Errors make them sic.

3. Don’t proof read/ check for mistakes  when you feel uncomfortable – for example when you need to go to the bathroom (as I do right now!)

Save and come back and check for mistakes when you are comfortable again.

Ahhh…that’s better. Too much information?

Anyway, I better check this post for non-deliberate errors – and pay special attention to the HEADING!

If you write for business – apply these tips when you check your copy.

I’ve seen shocking clusters of  mistakes slip through.

Here’s a link if you are interested:

olivetti lettera 32

If your writers could benefit from a fast and efficient quality control system – I’d love to help.

I’m told the  tips are practical and “realistic” for the demands of the real -world work  environment- and the training session is encouraging and empowering.

I’ve had plenty of experience helping organisations equip their writers with the skills to represent the organisation professionally through their quality writing.


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