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A tip for work-work balance and workplace optimism

You’ve probably heard of work-life balance – but these days so many people are over-worked and over-stressed –  they are stuggling to achieve work-work balance –  balancing your job and all your domestic “work” tasks too.

Workplace stress, workplace cynicism and workplace demotivation are rampant. There is often little or no “break” between “work” work and domestic work.

For the last couple of days I’ve been  a bit stressed out – working hard  to deliver a professional  project in time – and  balancing my “work” with all my family and parental “duties”.

Yesterday, I spent the day inside  – under fluorescent lights  – training presentation skills to an organisation.

TB headline technique

Today, I’m busy doing domestic chores – but I’m so happy to be out in the fresh air and sunshine under (mostly) blue skies

TB hanging out clothes

I’ve been ultra busy working both days – and I’m trying to analyse why I am feeling so “deliriously” optimistic.

I think it’s to do with a combination of:

1. variety of work

2. the physical side of the positive effects of sleep and good diet and fresh air and sunshine – and

3. time to adjust my attitude and reflect/focus on the positives. Time to feel the sun on the face and to compare today with yesterday and think about what was good about both days.

I know that can sound “soft” – but I really think I’ve stumbled onto something to help organisations dealing with stressed out and demotivated workers.

The workers are so overworked – they don’t have any time to reflect (even briefly) on any good things about their job or workplace.

Workers are so busy – they neglect the physical side of proper diet and “breaks” and fresh air and sunshine.

Anyway, it was just one of those “ideas”  – that came to me as I was hanging out my daughter’s school uniform on the clothes line.

Inspired by this, I’ve started researching “workplace” and “optimism” – and have found this is a growing area of study. Obviously lots of businesses are in need of a hit of optimism to deal with the rampant cynicism and unhappiness.

I’ll keep you updated and share some links.

If I hadn’t been in a “cross-over” zone between work and domestic work, if I hadn’t been feeling  deliriously optimistic – I wouldn’t have started researching workplace optimism.



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