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A quick, easy business lesson “snack” for your lunch or coffee break

Here’s a quick tip that can save you lots of grief.

I just made this mistake – so you don’t have to.

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Lesson: be very mindful when you are writing down an e-mail address someone tells you over the phone and double-check the address.

AND write it neatly – so you can read it later.

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(All too often – we try to write down important information or contact details when we are “on the go” with divided attention)

I know – this is Basic stuff – but be honest – often we are so busy running around, we scribble down important bits on information on scraps of paper. Our attention is divided and a small mistake can cost you time and money.

I was talking to a potential client to arrange a meeting to seize an opportunity.

I sent her important e-mails. I thought I had it all under control until to my frustration – the e-mails “came back” with a notification that the address I typed in did not exist.

The clock was ticking. I was sweating.

Luckily, I was able to contact this party though another party – but the opportunity was fleeting and I could have missed it.

All due to one little letter I was missing! Because I wasn’t listening properly as I was rushing around.

It all came down to: I missed one little letter in the name – and as a result I could have missed the business opportunity.

Also, often we assume conventional spellings.

If you are giving  your e-mail address and you have a name spelled in a “different” way  –  make sure you clearly spell out your name highlighting any differences from “the norm”.

People often assume and write down the conventional spelling

Even more “common”  names have many variations: Deborah, Debora, Debra

The same with surnames.

Anyway, note to self:

1. Always check the name/address and

2. Do not assume conventional spellings

3. Make sure you write it down neatly – sop you can read it later

4. Get other points of contact – e.g. a phone contact as well as e-mail

Remember:  stop – focus – and record the details correctly. Missing the correct name or address  can mean you miss the business.



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