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A quick, easy business lesson “hit” for your lunch or coffee break

Here’s a quick and easy lesson if you want to persuade people or “sell” an idea. coffee beans 1. Make it about THEIR world not YOUR world 2. Don’t think PRODUCT (or service) – think the PROBLEM (in the audience’s world) that the product helps solve. Here’s a really simple and effective example I saw today as I was enjoying a coffee in a cafe. coffee news I take every opportunity to “study” persuasion and I’m one of those “nerds” who carefully analyses the advertisements in magazines as well as reading the articles. I  was studying the wording and persuasive angles in ads in one of those little free reading sheets you often see in cafes. Anyway, this ad is a perfect example of the persuasion principles above. I am in NO way connected with the publication or the  magnetic name badge company. magnetic name badges So you can see – in the seller’s world –  FRANK  makes magnetic name badges – but he makes the message about the potential buyer’s world. The badges are from the seller’s world  but they are “connected with” the clothes of the potential buyer. Make it about the  buyer’s clothes! Also, what’s a potential problem the product can solve? A: The potential buyer’s clothes getting ruined by the pins in conventional name badges. Frank makes it clear why magnetic badges are a wise choice rather than  using conventional pin badges. So think how you can use these persuasion principle in your life 1. Make it about your audience – not you. What can you connect to in their world? 2. Make sure you make it clear the Problem your Product (or service) helps solve. MMM – that was a good coffee contemplation moment! I’m glad I scanned that coffee shop “news” sheet. ——————- TB camp hill cafe If you enjoyed this post – Let’s connect: I’m an international presentation and persuasion trainer. When I’m not helping clients overseas or in Sydney – I’m often hanging out in cool Brisbane cafes –  often studying the magazines and other reading materials for persuasion examples! TB travelling If you found this post interesting – you can follow and connect with me. I blog about fun pop culture stuff as well as more serious  business communication tips. Twitter tony biancotti


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