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Do you love “new words” like: Homance – what other O-mances can YOU create?

Don’t you love it when you see a new word that has been created to describe something that hasn’t been described so concisely and colourfully before?

Today I was attracted to the twitter profile of someone called the Bitchy Librarian – she sounded smart and fun – educated and edgy.

Anyway, I saw on the twitter profile the word HOMANCE and I was curious as to what it described.

I’d heard of a BROmance – and I thought the HOmance could be a romance between two HOs.

It’s not literally between HOs – but it is a term to describe:

When 2 straight females have a really close friendship with strong love and affection towards one another. It is like a bromance for females


There’s even a movie: movie makers are predicting that the usual romantic comedies are getting a bit predictable and  boring (‘though there will always be a massive market for them).

Female strong and real “sister bonding” is the new thing –  mining a rich vein of different kids of relationships and complications.


This inspired me to tweak the idea to describe a stage in life when you get more interested with decorating your house and coocooning and falling in love with staying at home and having a HOME-mance.

The Homance word has been been trade marked. The owners of the TM obviously recognise the value of a cool word.

Anyway, I better go – and trademark HOME-mance. 🙂


What other sorts of romances could you have – similar to the bromance or the homance?

A doh-mance – where you love stupidity like Homer Simpson’s behaviour?

dough-mance – the love of money

faux-mance – one that looks good but isn’t real

Sew-mance – love of  sewing and similar craft


This is the philoso-raptor meme – another clever play on words. Who would put together veloco-raptor and philosophising??

Geez Louise (and Thelma) I love how people create new words and expressions like Homance and Philosoraptor!


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