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What would YOU sacrifice? – A little yet important lesson in SOCK-rifice

What clothing would you “sacrifice” to give to your partner or friend?


This post was inspired by a short tweet I saw from a twitter buddy:

“Having a wonderful partner who will give you their socks when you forget to bring them for the gym :)”

My first reaction was a smarty-pants reply:

Now, that’s a real sock-rifice!

Then I started thinking about it – how it’s often these “little gestures” that show our love and dedication to our partners or our friendship with friends.

Some people have natural, generous and giving natures.

When I reflect I notice I‘m happy to give – I also like to give a little “that’ll teach you” lesson

When my wife and I go out – I usually go prepared.

From experience, I usually bring extra things – like hats and caps because I know my wife will often need them but won’t bring them herself.

I admit I usually deliberately pick the uncoolest, most embarrassing hats etc. ones I can find so she will remember to bring her own hat next time.

The above tweet made me feel a bit guilty.

In future, I know I should “just do it” – just give my socks or hats or whatever without my usual “that’ll teach you” sub-text.

T piggy back C

(This was the solution when my daughter forgot to wear her socks with her boots – lucky it wasn’t my wife I had to piggy-back all around Sydney!)

What things have YOU given to a friend or partner – things you have sock-rificed (I mean sacrificed) – things you go without so your friends or partner can have?

Please feel free to add to the comments section.


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