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How to present with more confidence – a great idea from an unexpected source

Would you like to present with more confidence?

Do you feel confident in some parts of your job and yet struggle presenting “straight information”?

Here’s a great idea I got from an unexpected source this morning.


C show and tell

Don’t you love it when different parts of your life “work together” well?

When you get great ideas and solutions from unexpected places?

I’ve always believed that good teachers are awesome. Great teachers helped improve my life – and I’m so grateful for the teachers in my two kids’ lives!

This morning I had a wonderful parent-teacher chat with my daughter’s teacher.

To be honest – I was busy and had other things to do – including working out ways to help top international executives present with more confidence.

The parent-teacher chat turned out to be a blessing in helping me as a dad – and in my job as an international presentation coach.


In the parent-teacher meeting, one area of discussion was about how my wife and I could help my daughter, Cleo, with her school presentations.

Cleo is such a confident “performer” and loves getting up on stage. She has strong self-esteem! She knows she is a good singer!

cleo carols

Yet, in her school presentations she is so shy and softly spoken.

Her teacher  agreed that  Cleo can be a confident performer  (and a talented “actress”) – but seemed less confident when presenting “straight information”.

As I am listening to Cleo’s  teacher – I’m thinking of some of my exec clients who are so confident in some parts of their work and yet want to improve – especially in presenting “straight information”.

C+T show and tell

Cleo’s teacher gave me lots of ways to help Cleo treat the “straight information” presentations in a more fun and “theatrical” way and role playing.

The teacher suggested getting Cleo to act as a newsreader or a professor in “telling the news” or “teaching people about the information”.

Cleo already likes to act as a reporter/newsreader – copying her mum. Cleo even “interviews” people on the TV and interviews mum about her day covering the news!

reporter  Cleo

Now in corporate training, many business people hate the role play parts – so I’ll call it something else – but I’m already thinking of having fun, safe presentation practice sessions to develop the skills of the execs.

Get them to loosen up and act as if they are someone else presenting the information.

Of course the role plays are to show presenters what they can do when they loosen up or role play as someone else.

You would “dial it back” for a real presentation – but this should the help the presenters get into the right “confident headspace”!

Don’t you love it – when you get great ideas and suggestions from unexpected places!


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