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A “spin doctor’s” tips on how you can bounce back from a #MissUtah moment

Some people call us “spin doctors” I prefer to give the name a positive spin and prefer the TITLE : Positive Message Expert.

Positive Message Experts help see the positives in potentially negative events – such as Miss Utah’s  (Marissa Powell’s) embarrassing performance at the Miss USA pageant.


I see the potential and positives in the “failure”.

I see the world-wide attention she had received. She is more famous (or infamous) than the other contestants – maybe even more recognisable than the winner.

Attention (even negative attention) can be a good thing.

It’s what you do with the attention! Sure, “Miss Utah” is famous for “being bad” and “failing” – but she has another big positive.

People are curious to see what see does next.


I’m an Australian presentation coach and “Positive Message Expert”.

I lived in the US and, from my experience in the US, I believe Americans love a good come-back story – especially one with some suspense and “danger”.

Many people, not just Americans, like it when  people overcome adversity rather than just “sailing on through” without any troubles.

My advice to Miss Utah:

1. “Get back on the horse” Sure, you had a bad experience – but people often respect those who “get back on the horse”. It shows courage. Show your “guts”

2. Use your world-wide profile to help a good and worthy cause. Help a good cause (even better if you do it out of the goodness of our heart rather than for money) Show your heart. Show you are using your profile for good.

Make a commitment to make the words”Miss Utah” stand for the values of Utah etc. – bouncing back, grit and determination, getting back on the horse!

3. Practice hard to improve your speaking skills. There are plenty of great US presentation coaches – show your commitment.

4. Make sure you do a good job with your next public presentation! It doesn’t have to be a massive speech or presentation. Show you can do it! Practice beforehand in private until you get it right.

Turn your pain and embarrassment into something positive.

If you “get back on the horse”, work hard to improve, and come back and do a good presentation – you can turn this around.

I can see a movie deal and the speaking circuit and being a good example to people everywhere!

“Failure” is not the problem. We all fail at times. Failure makes you more human and more likeable and relateable.

It’s how you recover from failure or a bad experience that helps people respect you!

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